Royal Rumble Results: Opportunity shocks


The first man to be introduced in the Royal Rumble is Dolph Ziggler. Number Two is the high flying Evan Bourne. The bell rings and we’re ready to start. Ziggler jaws at Bourne and they both eye the WrestleMania sign. Bourne catches Ziggle with a coulpe of kicks and a hurricarana before connecting with a heel kick to Ziggler’s jaw. Ziggler almost knocks Bourne out with a dropkick, but Bourne fights him off and stays in the ring. Bourne launches himself up off of Ziggler and connects with the double knees to Ziggler’s chest. Bourne knocks Ziggler to the apron, but he makes it back into the ring. Ziggler connects with the Zig Zag out of nowhere, and he throws Bourne to the apron, but Bourne kicks Ziggler and comes back in the ring with a Shooting Star Press, the buzzer rings and number three is CM Punk with Sarita. Punk goes after both Bourne and Ziggler and he immediately eliminates both.

Punk grabs the mic and thanks the crowd for joining him for the most historic moment the Straight Edge Society has seen. 29 other men will either be eliminated or saved. The clock counts down and number four is JTG. JTG goes right to work on CM Punk, but when he charges Punk in the corner, he finds himself eliminated. Punk gets right back on the mic and says not everyone can win the Rumble, just like not everyone can be saved. Not everyone has his dedication. And tonight he’ll be the first straight edge Rumble winner. The clock counts down again and this time it’s the Great Khali. Punk tries to save Khali, telling him he can make him greater. Punk says he can see the pain in Khali’s eyes and he needs to be saved. He asks Khali to raise his right hand and accept straight edge into his life, but Khali hits a chop and locks in the vice. The clock counts down again and the next entrant is Beth Phoenix.

Khali immediately picks up Beth and puts her over the rope and directs her to the back. Beth kisses Khali and drags him over the top rope, while remaining on the apron. She turns around and goes right to work on Punk, trying to eliminate him. Punk connects with the G2S on Phoenix. The clock counts down again and the next man in is Zack Ryder. Punk eliminates Phoenix. Punk says that Ryder has potential, but he double crosses Ryder and hits him with the mic. Punk sends Ryder over the top rope and eliminates another person. Punk asks who’s next, and says that whoever it is he’s better than them, because he’s better than everyone there today. The next entrant in is Triple H. Hunter makes his way to the ring slowly, and Punk hypes himself up. Punk and Hunter stare each other down, and Punk tries for a right, but Hunter fights him off. Hunter connects with a knee and puts Punk back into the corner, pounding on him. Punk connects with a high knee, but Hunter fights off the bull dog and hits a spinebuster.

The next entrant is Drew McIntyre. Hunter fights off McIntyre as soon as he gets in the ring with a high knee. Hunter tries for the pedigree on Punk, but Punk fights out. Punk tries for the G2s, but Hunter fights out and sends him out of the ring.

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  1. Damn, now I watched Royal Rumble, too. Damn, most of this ppv was great and not really PG like. But I was really glad that no referees or paramedics entered the ring und disturbed the matches because of a little bit of blood. I didn’t expect that the wwe would give Punk so much presentation time and I was really entertained.

    And yeah, I really hoped that Edge would return and win the rr. Wow, it was great to see him beeing back.

  2. The entire PPV was rather spectacular, at least in my view. And when I mean spectacular, I mean decent. Enough for me to buy the DVD once it comes out. Punk just owned the ‘Rumble for the time being there. He was the second person to toss out the most, HBK the first… and that, to me, says something. Him doing promos during the match, sitting out there by himself, than eliminating Beth Phoenix was great, it was good. And I think those were new trunks? If I’m not mistaken, red and white in that pattern. He should have gone longer, I feel, but Triple H…

    Hopefully it’ll all be worth it, Punk/Gallows beating DX for the titles, than going on all three brands. That would be FANTASTIC. Oh and Serena looked SO good. Per usual.

  3. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, I wanted Punk to win! But he did get to talk between his eliminations :P, only Punk can do that ^^

  4. That was fantastic, congratulations to the WWE on using CM Punk so effectively, he did indeed own the ring in terms of presence until he was eliminated by H. It was thinking outside the box by WWE and that made it very entertaining and a pleasure to watch. Man, Punk looked so good, I never get tired of what he brings to his matches, just awesome, he re-invigorates and reinventes himself in subtle ways each week, I dont how he does it!. Congratulations to Edge, Im looking forward to seeing him presumably on Smackdown soon. Three people alone stood out in the Rumble, CM Punk then Triple H, then obviously the winner Edge. It was very interesting. Big congratulations to the WWE on a great PPV on the whole. And congratulations to the gorgeous and talented Mickie James πŸ˜‰

    On another note, I received a few emails from folks saying Shawn Michaels has gone into the media (or been reported) as saying he has not liked or appreciated CM Punk’s whole ‘saviour’ thing. All I can say is that if you Shawn associate the word ‘saviour’ or ‘save’ as used by CM Punk with ‘Jesus’ then you are only responding to your own conditioning which makes you think Jesus is and was the only ‘saviour’. There’s actually many saviours throughout history, dont get hung up thinking its an insult to just one saviour even if you think he’s the only one. And also dont be hypocritical, as I remember you feuded with GOD in the form of Vince McMahon who boldly stated “I am God” Isnt that what the antichrist says in the Bible, but you were cool with that right!? All Im saying is dont be too high and mighty or judgemental about what CM Punk is doing. His message is 100% positive in essence if you take the time to listen and look past the chosen projection of it. If you feel ‘challenged’ by it, then you should figure out why you feel that way and sort it within yourself. Punk has fans who are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Athiest and Anarchist, and no-one thinks CM Punk is playing Jesus except Christians which I find very amusing and actually very funny. There once was a time when you needed answers to your own issues, right? Well for a lot of us, it has NOT been found in Jesus and that does NOT mean we are all less than you Christian folk. I hope you will decide to have a match with CM Punk because its your amazing skills we are interested in and not your religious beliefs. PEACE 2 you man. Punknut.

  5. @punknut – Wwwoooooooaaaaahhh! Sometimes I think you are a rough ex fighter or something, other times I think you are the zen-master you recognised and ‘projected’ [your word] onto CM Punk, you are an enigma I’ll say that.

    Im yet to catch this PPV but im thankful CM Punk got a lot of time apparently and that there is now a PPV worth seeing, the last ones have been mostly disapointing. I’ll make further comment when Ive seen it.

    Hello to the new guy ThatEdgeyMan, enjoyed reading your comments, you’ll fit in well around here. πŸ™‚

  6. Yay for Punk doing so well, his new trunks looked hot! He is hot! Good show πŸ™‚ I love Serena to

  7. To Crazyhorse πŸ˜€

    CM Punk is the Genius, im nobody… I just see what’s in front of my eyes…

  8. So enjoyed that ppv, the Rumble was fun, CM Punk and Triple H were amazing to watch, in different ways, but Edge winning was a shock, but then not when I thought about it afterwards. Edge is an awesome wrestler, you are in for a treat punknut watching Edge, he is really good. Im really happy for CM Punk tho, he was outstanding {as he always is, ofcourse! πŸ™‚ } I love the Royal Rumble, its so cool

  9. Hi every1, did you guys notice how the crowd was chanting CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk all the way through until he was tossed by 3H, it was so loud it made me so fucking happy, he got more cheers than any1 else in the Rumble. Edge is cool, I was always a hardcore fans of his, im happy he is back, but Im a true CM Punk fan now, NOTHING will deviate me from my desire to worship this wrestler like FOREVER. CM Punk didnt win, but lets be honest, he did in sooooo many other ways. Thankyou WWE for a great, great Royal Rumble. YES! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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