September 12th Raw Results


Triple H and CM Punk faced off before Night of Champions (WATCH)

Technical difficulties, audio problems, microphone malfunctions. Whatever you call it, CM Punk couldn’t seem to get a word in edgewise as he and Triple H engaged in a combustible verbal confrontation. The Second City Savior’s microphone suddenly shorted out just as he was about to express something he’d been dying to say to The Game. The scenario was reminiscent of Punk’s now famous diatribe against Triple H, Mr. McMahon and WWE when his mic also quit in the run up to SummerSlam.

A livid Punk cast his suspicions on WWE’s Chief Operating Officer, who had a working microphone in his hand. After watching one mic go belly up, The Game offered The Second City Savior his mic. Just as he revved up his verbal engine, though – you guessed it – the second mic failed on him as well. Triple H summoned a third mic from ringside and handed it over. Punk, however, used it to clobber The King of Kings before leaving the ring. While WWE’s COO seethed inside the square circle, his antiestablishment rival scowled back at him from the entrance ramp. The very personal animus between Punk and Triple H, who must resign as COO if he loses Sunday, is primed to blow in a No Disqualification Match at Night of Champions.