September 26 Raw Results


WWE Champion John Cena def. Christian by Disqualification; Alberto Del Rio attacked The Champ (WATCH)
A lot of things have happened inside the callous confines of Hell in a Cell, but the WWE Universe has neverwitnessed a Triple Threat Match waged inside The Devil’s Playground. Despite the horrors that surely await him, WWE Champion John Cena had an air of confidence about him as he addressed the WWE Universe about his collision with Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk just six days later.

Cena locked up with Christian in a non-title showdown, but it was the verbal sparring between The Mexican Aristocrat and The Second City Savior on commentary that really enthralled our fans watching the action from home. The ringside confrontation got physical when Cena threw Christian over the announce table and into Punk. As Punk and Cena stared each other down, Del Rio assaulted The Straight Edge Superstar, then attacked Cena with an enziguri that resulted in Christian’s disqualification. Will Del Rio’s destiny be reclaimed at Hell in a Cell?

CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio; Del Rio assaulted rivals with a steel chair
In an incredible preview of what is to come this Sunday in their Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio vented their many frustrations with one another as WWE Champion John Cena looked on from the commentary table. The Voice of the Voiceless sealed a pinfall victory, gaining some much-needed momentum before stepping inside Satan’s Structure.

After the match, the Cell itself – which had been hanging above the arena for the duration of the evening – descended upon Cena, Del Rio, Punk and The Mexican Aristocrat’s intervening ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Punk and Cena pummeled Rodriguez with the Go to Sleep and the Attitude Adjustment respectively, then turned their attention on one another – unwittingly giving Del Rio an opportunity to strike. Bashing both Superstars with a steel chair, Del Rio stood triumphant in the ring, giving his Hell in a Cell competitors a taste of things to come less than a week later inside the vile structure.

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