September 5th Raw Results


WWE COO Triple H fired Kevin Nash (WATCH)
Exhibiting shades of his father-in-law, Mr. McMahon, WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H asserted his executive power and fired longtime friend Kevin Nash in a move that shocked both the WWE Universe and Big Daddy Cool himself. The unpleasant altercation had been building for weeks, as Nash continued to both defy and provoke The Game.

The mounting issues between the two finally came to a head. Punk was addressing the WWE Universe when Big Daddy Cool interrupted, trading verbal jabs with The Second City Savior. Before the two could trade blows, The Game came out to ease tensions. Nash informed him, though, that WWE wasn’t big enough for both he and Punk, that one of them would have to go. The Game then revealed he’d received security camera footage from L.A.’s STAPLES Center from the night of SummerSlam. Turns out, Nash had snuck into the COO’s office and sent a text to himself from Triple H’s phone, instigating his attack on CM Punk that night. In other words, Big Daddy Cool had been lying to his good friend for weeks. That’s when Triple H finally handed Nash his walking papers.

When the COO attempted to leave, Nash blocked his exit. The Game was having none of it, and instead, clocked the seven-footer in the face before striding out of the ring.

CM Punk def. R-Truth; stipulation added to Triple H vs. Punk (WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2)
The conspiracy against R-Truth continues, or so he’d have you believe. The unbalanced Superstar ambushed CM Punk last week as he fought The Miz. This week, Punk would be up against more of the same from these two. This time, however, it would be Truth’s partner who would attempt to interfere. Unlike last week, though, Miz got booted from the arena before the match could end. As a result, Punk recovered and managed to prevail.

Afterward, Punk’s Night of Champions’ opponent, Triple H, emerged to thicken the plot. WWE’s Chief Operating Officer challenged The Second City Savior to make theirs a No Disqualification Match. Punk said he would comply with The Game’s stipulation only if Triple H agreed to quit as COO were he to lose. A confident King of Kings readily agreed.