Article From Sports Illustrated

My Town, My Team: Blackhawks fan CM Punk recalls Chicago Stadium

To be a Blackhawks fan now, it’s about more than what happens on the ice. Of course, the team has had a lot of success in recent years, and it’s easy to be a fan now. Much easier than it had been, back when the team struggled, when it was more or less handcuffed its their owner, the late Bill Wirtz. Back then, games were blacked out locally. Ticket prices were pretty ridiculous. They made it hard within the city of Chicago to be a fan. There was a time when wearing a Blackhawks shirt around town would prompt random strangers to yell nasty things about Wirtz at you. Thankfully, we’ve come out of that tunnel. The team is thriving, accessible, and what’s most impressive to me, they’re involved in the community.