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CM Punk dropped a SmackDown Pipebomb … and Fandango

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CM Punk returned to SmackDown with a pointed message for former friend and business associate, Paul Heyman, and Heyman’s monstrous client, Brock Lesnar. Just one week after “The Best vs. The Beast” showdown was set in stone for SummerSlam, Punk was in rare form, informing the fired-up Texas crowd that the pay-per-view blockbuster of a match is exactly what he wanted.

Punk’s scathing tongue-lashing reached its crescendo when he proclaimed that, “Brock’s biggest weakness is the fact that he trusts Paul Heyman.” The former WWE Champion then stated emphatically that it will be that trust that will lead to Lesnar’s downfall.

Just as Punk ramped up his rhetoric, though, Fandango shimmied his way down the ramp to cut in on The Straight Edge Superstar. Punk’s answer: A GTS that left Fandango lying flat outside the ring.

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  1. I discovered the personnae CMPunk just a few days ago, I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, but what I am is a 51 years old comic book addict from Belgium (Europe) and I went ballistic when I saw this 5-7 minutes vid. CM Punk should play Wolverine ! The guy would be way more effective than Hugh Jackman. I know the TV show is called RAW, but he would create a much more raw, edgy, hardcore Wolverine. So whomever is working this site, tell him that he should (no, he must) go to Marvel studio and sit there (or snikt them) till they get it !

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