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The Straight Edge Society wanted revenge on Big Show for ripping CM Punk’s mask off one week ago. Although the gigantic Superstar was scheduled to face Luke Gallows, CM Punk changed things up at the last minute, ordering that his S.E.S. “Mystery Man” face Big Show instead. After punishing Punk’s unidentified disciple, Big Show unmasked him, revealing former Tag Team Champion, Joey Mercury! The World’s Largest Athlete then finished off his outmatched adversary with the knockout punch.

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  1. Punk can get away with the bald head. He has beautiful eyes. His ears are lovely too. 🙂
    What about ‘dashing’ Cody Rhodes? I’m not going to take that guy serious anymore. I know it’s storyline but I also know from an interview with Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes where DiBiase actually mentioned that Cody is into this kind of stuff for real, covering up his legs with a cover stick because of the HQ HD quality of the TV broadcastings- meaning Cody doesn’t want to have any imperfections while live on television. Honestly I can’t stand men who put too much cosmetics on them. That’s gay. There I said it.:P

  2. xD Poor dashing Cody Rhodes xD Yeah that’s gay =) In French, dashing is so funny =) Hey le Fringuant Cody Rhodes =) Hahaha =)

    And yeah, Punk’s eyes are so beautiful <3

  3. I completely agree that CM Punk has the most gorgeous eyes!! He is soooo dreamy!! They should just make a statue of him that people could just stare at on a daily basis!! 😀 And Cody Rhodes is somewhat of a metrosexual and I totally agree that it’s gay for him to wear cosmetics!! LMFAO!!

  4. I thought Cody was funny , Hes going to Groom America damn it X ) lol .Its pretty funny stuff and the 80s music he comes out to is price-less lol Reminds me of a 80’s hair band .

    As for Punk his beard was so fluffy this week <3 ! An Im happy the mask is gone now we can see his grate acting again . Because that sour look he gave to big show at the end was deep . I wonder were this is heading at Summer Slam . But one thing for sure he is so hunky with no hair!!

  5. This site should have thumbs up, thumbs up if you agree. Wait……………
    Ok thumbs up when it has thumbs up.

  6. Punk quite often wore eyeliner and nail polish…just saying..they are cosmetics too..

    Punk is handsome without hair. I totally agree. I hate the beard though.

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