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The Straight Edge Society followers are in the dressing room and Luke says that he cannot forgive Punk for walking out on them at SummerSlam. Joseph asks aloud if any of them would walk away like Punk did. Serena says that Luke and Joseph don’t understand. She says that Punk was trying to teach them a lesson. They need to prove that they are strong. Serena says that tonight is their chance because they will beat Kelly Kelly and Big Show. Joseph says that Serena isn’t ready to be in a match, but Serena says that she has been training for months and that she is ready and that they will show that they deserve Punk’s admiration.

Punk enters and he wonders what they mean by his admiration. Punk says that none of them deserve anything, least of all their admiration. Punk says that he watched Raw and what Nexus did peaked his interest. Punk says that if they don’t win their match, they are out of the Straight Edge Society. Punk leaves and we go to commercial.

After the match, Punk is on the stage and he applauds their performance. Punk gives Serena a hug to celebrate her first win.

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  1. i thought that match with luke dallows and serena was excellent i was so proud of them i knew that they could do it but also i think by cm punk walking out at summer slam he did that because he was trying to teach them a lesson as a family we cannot fail we have to do better and do our best nomatter what also i think luke should forgive our leader cm punk im sure he did not mean to walk out at summer slam so i forgive him luke and joey needs to understand and be greatful that there in the straight edge society there would be no straight edge society without our leader cm punk so i love my family we have to support each other and continue to grow together as a family we will get stronger and more powerful i will continue to stand behind my family and support them because we are straight edge and we are better than you 🙂 SES FOREVER .

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