Smackdown Results: Unstoppable force


After the shocking return of Paul Bearer last week, The Undertaker appears to have now fully harnessed the powers of darkness. Unfortunately for CM Punk, who simply could not find a way to stop the hard-charging Phenom. With “The Father of Destruction” in his corner, The Deadman dispatched of The Straight Edge Superstar with a brutal chokeslam, followed by a lethal Tombstone. It may be a sign of things to come this Sunday, when The Phenom faces his brother, World Heavyweight Champion Kane

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  1. i thought that the match with cm punk and the undertaker was pretty good but i was alittle disappointed that cm punk had lost but i know that he will win next time because he can do it the ses savior did a good job but i know the ses nation will get stronger and we will stand united as one ses my family straight edge for life .

  2. You know I am soo friggin mad that Paul Bearer is back.Why can’t the WWE move forward? It’s gonna be so lame if The Undertaker wins the damn belt back from Kane all b/c Paul has Undertaker’s urn.This sucks!!

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