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WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Kane’s WWE TItle Match ended in a No Contest


After embarrassing General Manager John Laurinaitis on Monday’s Raw SuperShow four days earlier, CM Punk would have to put his WWE Championship on the line against Kane — in the first WWE Title Match on SmackDown in four years!

Prior to the match, Punk predicted that The Best in the World would make The Devil’s Favorite Demon Go to Sleep. In the heated showdown that followed, however, things would not prove that cut and dry. Although Kane had not held WWE’s top prize in 14 years, his true priority from the word go was the same as it always was – inflicting pain and anguish on anyone who dared to step in his path.

At the height of the explosive main event, CM Punk looked ready to hit the elbow from the top rope. That was until Daniel Bryan rushed to the ring, poised to get involved in the action. AJ – who earlier had come to the ring to watch The Second City Saint close up – warned the subject of his infatuation of the emerging intruder.

Her warning allowed Punk to hurl himself at his approaching adversary, before climbing to the top turnbuckle to successfully drop the flying elbow on The Big Red Monster. Moments after his monstrous challenger managed to kick out, Daniel Bryan recovered and attacked both Superstars from the top rope, forcing the referee to call for the bell. Punk and Bryan engaged in a fevered post-match battle, only to be painfully silenced by Kane’s double chokeslam – proving without a doubt that he would no longer be a pawn in their volatile back and forth.

Following the chaos in the ring, General Manager John Laurinaitis came before the WWE Universe to declare that at No Way Out, WWE Champion CM Punk would battle both Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat WWE Title Match!

Debbie Wiseman Jun 2, 2012