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Michael Cole interviewed AJ about her actions on Raw SuperShow

Week after week, the eccentric AJ has shocked and confused the WWE Universe with her off-the-wall actions in the direction of WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. On Monday’s Raw SuperShow, she took things to the next level. For a moment, it seemed as if the puzzling beauty was going to hurl herself off the ring ropes and onto a table that she set up at ringside. Instead, when Punk got in her way, AJ kissed him, distracting The Second City Saint long enough to throw him backward, onto Bryan and through the table. Then, as Raw went off the air, she began chanting “Yes!” (WATCH)

One day later, during The Great American Bash, Michael Cole stepped through the ropes and confronted AJ, looking to get some real answers to what she was thinking with her latest episode. When he questioned her being named Special Guest Referee in the WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank and even seemed to be putting the moves on her – both Punk and Bryan emerged.

While both Superstars agreed that the situation had nothing to do with Cole, kicking him out of the ring, that’s where the consensus ended. Though they both addressed AJ at first, they soon began to argue with each other over the motivation of their respective “worry” for the Diva in-question.

Then, after leaving both competitors in a sea of confusion by making out with both of them, the perplexing beauty just smiled and once again skipped away.

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  1. na minha mais modesta opinião , cm punk deve deixa-la e esquecer que isso aconteceu ,por que pra min ele já perdeu tempo suficiente , nas lutas ela só atrapalou e fez uma confução ,é legal levar um beijo mas não um tapa na cara . um abraço menos louco para cm punk .

  2. That pretty was the climax of the storyline between AJ and CM Punk.
    After AJ bitchslapped CM Punk I knew it was the last time they will be filmed together. It´s a shame that they put CM Punk out of the storyline for nothing. But then again, retaining the WWE-Championship against John Cena is waaaayyy more fun than kissing a beauty girl like AJ! At least for Punk ;(

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