Smackdown Results

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Dolph Ziggler

After CM Punk came to SmackDown to confront Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler, over leaving him “high and dry” on Monday’s Raw (WATCH), GM Booker T opted to put the two Superstars into a match against each other in the SmackDown main event.

In the height of the phenomenal, back-and-forth contest between two absolute masters of the ring, The Showoff caught the WWE Champion on the top rope, hurling him down to the canvas with an explosive bodyslam. When Ziggler tried to follow-up by charging Punk in the opposite corner, however, The Second City Saint had enough presence of mind to move. Ziggler slammed into the turnbuckle, allowing the WWE Champion to execute the Go to Sleep for the SmackDown victory.

Moments after the bell, CM Punk climbed on top of the announce table to toy with the WWE Universe. He sarcastically explained that because he needed to face John Cena at WWE Hell in a Cell to get the respect he deserved, he would not compete against him at the upcoming pay-per-view.

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  1. punk is no different he just everybody else i hate that guy so much i am one of his hater i am waiting for the HIAC MOMENT WHEN CENA BEAT HIM AND HE IS GOING TO HIAC WITH CENA . AND I HOPE CENA GONNA BE THIS MONDAY NIGHT RAW . WITHOUT CENA RAW IS NOT INTERSTING HE NEVER DISSIPOINTED HIS FANS JOHN CENA IS BITW.

  2. Alrite lets make one thing perfectly clear john cena is the ONLY wwe wrestler who has been practically handed or given a title shot TWO many times. He lost 4 yes I said 4 times. John cena is reminds me of the rock he just walks in grabs a mic and just demands a title shot. HOW MANY MORE CHANCES IS CÉNA GONNA GET? Its ridiculous! And cena is NOOOOOOOT the best in the world or he would have won the wwe title from punk weeks ago. Btw wwe monday nite raw is ALOT BETTER WITHOUT john cena. I fall asleep watching cena. He so boring. Cm punk excites me. Punk keeps me entertained every week. CM PUNK IS THE WWE CHAMPION BABY! THE BEST IN THE WORLD! John cena is the poster boy for the most wwe title matches having recently LOST! Cm punk is doesnt have to prove NOTHING to ANYBODY thats BULLSHIT! Hey cm punk u beat cena @ HIAC and keep ur title reign going!

  3. hmmmmmm no sarah cena doing everthing for his fans thats why he today to much famous everywhere he unique . before i am the wwe champs fan but he dissippointedd me to much.and he never care about his fans . and cena is deseverse that BITW WORDS AND EVERYTHING.

  4. rokiee, if you hate Cm Punk so much, then why are you on his website? Your comments are irrelevant. GO AWAY!!

  5. First u need spellcheck coz I cant understand wat the hell u are saying and like I said b4 if john cena is so damn good he would have the wwe title around his waist rite now NO EXCUSES or EXCEPTIONS rokiee. Cena needs to move on and get over the fact that he simply can NOT beat cm punk. U people dont seem to understand that there are OTHER wrestlers who deserve a title shot. And for cena to keep stealing the wwe title shot opportunity ALL the time is repulsive. The wwe officals make john cena a puppet on their string and watever the officals want john cena gives them. Cm punk said it best during his blistering awsome pipebomb last year I think its called kissing mr. Mcmahon’s ASS! I know the rock has done that coz punk said he did & I believe punk. Cm punk doesnt ASK for title shots nor does punk have it handed to him or cries like a baby he actually WORKS hard for it. I dont know how many times I have to say this but, the only reason y he keeps demanding respect for is he has worked so hard everyday & nite to prove to HIMSELF that he IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. He has a title reign that only a few have garnerd and he believes he hasnt gotten the respect he so rightfuly deserves and I believe that. The other reason y wwe officals want cena to have the wwe title is without cena there is no wwe. THATS COMPLETELY AND ODDERLY 100% BULLSHIT 2. John cena is like the wwe offical’s muse. Tried and true. Cm punk makes the wwe fresh and entertaining everynite. Whilst john cena is old and boring and puts me to sleep.

  6. Jasmine is rite. Ur a hyprocrite rokiee. And yes its all about # respect and being THE BEST IN THE WORLD! We need more supporters. NO haters allowed.

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