Smackdown Results: Accusations run Red


Though officially part of the Six-Man Tag Team Match, CM Punk opted to let Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury handle the bulk of the battle. While each Superstar looked impressive in his own right, it was a devious kick from The Straight Edge Savior from outside the ropes that caught an unsuspecting MVP off guard, setting Gallows up to finish off The Franchise Playa’ with a devastating boot to the face.

Before the Six-Man Tag Team Match, CM Punk laughed alongside the Straight Edge Society, reflecting on their vicious attack on Big Show one week ago. But, the tune of the Second City Saint quickly changed, as he began to admonish his disciples for being too pleased with their own success. Forcing them on their knees, Punk warned, “Satisfaction is the death of desire.”

4 Comments on “Smackdown Results: Accusations run Red”

  1. It just keeps getting better and better with the SES story segments!! One of the main reasons as to why I watch SD is for the SES! CM Punk is a motivational speaker and is (again) super amazing! I love him sooo much!!!

  2. CM Punk is right! Don’t be satisfied, you can always do it better !!! =)

    ‘Satisfaction is the death of desire!’ <3 CM Punk <3

  3. i agree this was the best segment and episode that i have seen with my straight edge family ! I love it also cm punk is right who is the straight edge savior and a motivational speaker who helps people with there problems he is the best teacher he gives advice and knows what you should do and you should always do your best and keep following your dreams so cm punk is right “satisfaction is the death of desire” so you cannot give up you have to keep trying and go after your dreams do not let anyone put you down only you can make it happen my father jehovah god is my inspiration so i know not to ever give up on my dreams straight edge 4life im better than you straight edge society we stand united as one and grow stronger and closer straight edge forever.

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