Smackdown Results: Altered beast


The frustration within ex-champion CM Punk continued to grow when The Straightedge Superstar was defeated by R-Truth. Ironically, Punk set himself up for the loss when he demanded referee Scott Armstrong count faster with this three-counts. While Punk continued to make demands of Armstrong, Truth capitalized by throwing Punk to the canvas. With Punk down, Armstrong did what he was asked to do and pounded out a fast three-count giving Truth the win.

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  1. Gaaaaaah! Is it just me or are they slowly making Punk back away as a main-eventer!? I really hope it’s just for now, CM Punk should be Smackdowns main-eventer along with Jericho. Soooo pissed of right now, hope he get a match at SS!!!

  2. Lmfao my mum said CM Punks trunks went down! lol i didntsee it ! lol when i got bk downstairs my mum and dad was sat there laughing! 😛
    They still sholud of put punk in a better match! :'( Coz R-truth was in a storyline with Drew Makintire (?) they changed that storyline sooo Quick!

  3. to NIcole, yes I know what you mean and hope its not for long too. NOt much wrestlign going on this week was there? On an entertainment level, some great expressions from Punk after the quick count – kinda reminded me of one of my kids starting a temper tantrum! lol 😉
    To Ellen, I noticed that too, so funny! Right at the end of the match when Punk was going up the ramp there was a shot of him from the back and yep his trunks were definately down a bit! bless him!! NOticed there isn’t a screen capture of it for some reason! lol 🙂

  4. I was there & when his pants went down it was a beautiful sight (:
    Anways, I love how he got sooo mad !

  5. Things just aint going too well for Punk at the present, and its hard for us fans. Im hoping its just a rotation thing and that he will be centre-stage again when they find someone to keep up with him. R Truth was ok, but fuck I hate that song. I was hoping Punk would dance as Truth made his entrance or Punk would shout out ‘whatz up’ when he had Truth locked up with the surfboard move, but no, the script-writers are not that sharp or progressive. So it turned out to be a passable match, but with another stupid and pointless result.

  6. Poor Punky, that gorgeous man deserves better matches. R-truth was not bad, even with the sad Drew Mc stuff, but the match just lacked something? What is the wwe doing? It feels like punishment for something to me. As much as I can admit smiling when his shorts came down (hey I am a girl!), the thought did pop into my head that it may have not been an accident. Im blonde dont hate me for my evil thoughts sorry!

  7. ha ha ha ha ha hes pants came down when the match is over(cm punk is a girl) coz now im drinking too much beer but i dont have a hangover or get drunk coz im not the one who wanted to kiss him

  8. The pants thing, hey punkyville the same thought crossed my mind and im a brunette so give yourself a break. Im glad im not the only suspicious mind. Is WWE trying to humble or humiliate CmPunk because he shines just that little bit too bright?

  9. Well I am over the shit matches Punk is given. No wonder Truth was smiling, he gets a win and to do some actual wrestling with the best wrestler in the world, and he gets to move forward from his own storyline disaster… Man Im hoping that the budgy-smugglers coming down was just an accident. I could see how some highbrow types within WWE might want to humble the blue-collar kid for his genius or as payback for us fans applying the literary blowtorch via our comments from time to time. I can think of a handful of assholes who might have liked to have seen Punk running up the ramp in only his boots! I hope im wrong, but it is odd how a few of us are thinking the same shit.

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