Smackdown Results: Anarchy in Bakersfield

Jeff Hardy later joined Hall of Famer Jim Ross & Todd Grisham at the broadcast table as Punk prepared to face The Punjabi Playboy. Punk produced an eye drop prescription and mocked Hardy’s past troubles. The growing animosity between Punk and Hardy threatens to reach a fever-pitch as they prepare to face off at Night of Champions in a World Championship Match in two weeks.

In the culmination of an explosive match, Khali hit Punk with the devastating Punjabi Plunge. But before he could get the three-count however, Kane emerged with a steel chair. A “clash of the titans” ensued when Ranjin Singh evened the odds, supplying Khali with a chair of his own. Kane struck first, but the fury of Khali kept him on his feet. He then nailed Kane with the chair, causing The Big Red Machine to uncharacteristically retreat for the second week in a row.

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  1. CM Punk will beat The Great Khali anyday!

    Im sooooooo excited about Night of Champions!

  2. Hi Ellen! =)

    Yeah, he looks “cleaner”, cute! I love his new shirt, fits the gold around his waist^^

  3. cm punk nefret etti?im sporcular listesinde 1 numara..hile ile o kemeri kazanabilir ama bizim sevgimizi kazanamaz..en büyük JEFF HARDY

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