Smackdown Results: Awakening The Deadman


After John Morrison landed a kick to the steel ring post – instead of intended target CM Punk – The Friday Night Delight was reeling in pain. Seizing the opportunity, Punk went to work on Morrison’s ankle. With Morrison injured, the ref stopped the bout, calling for the bell. However, Punk continued to go after the former Intercontinental Champion. Mayhem then broke loose when R-Truth came to the rescue, followed by Rey Mysterio. Next, Luke Gallows got involved, destroying Truth with the Gallows Pole. In the end, The Straight Edge Society left only carnage in its wake. On Sunday, Punk and Truth will cross paths again in the Elimination Chamber.

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  1. poor serena she wanted cm punk to give her a hug and not a kiss but luky luke is so tall its edge he is a good guy now however the straightedge society did not tell the truth about me so sad but when i meet cm punk he will be mine then luke gallows and serena might get angry and see me and him on tv teaming up togather and punk will take me to the wwe over the world then i say i love you but anyways see you later

  2. I only say that CM Punk is the best in the world of wwe but I would like to change his attitude because people loved it but after Jeff Hardy get any change if it ceased to preach besides that of straight edge and cut the beard and get started again to be the CM Punk in the beginning we knew everything would change for the better [CM Punk I love you] really do the right thing

  3. @sophie, hi cami
    I don’t think we missed anything else. It’s just a little bit quiet around here I guess. Strange though….(I have my idea about that but I’m biting my tongue… Why is it that some people can’t spell and can’t use proper sentences when writing something? Jeez English is not my mother tongue but I do get annoyed when I must read *crap English*. Whatever happened to proper school education in some countries? Anyway go to http://www. and search for new CM Punk photos- they have new photos of Punk from the Chicago house show. Swoon** lol Btw what does TBS stand for? He wrote it on one of his bandages. Talk back on Sunday? LOL j/j 😛
    I hope Punk will be alright in the ‘Elimination Chamber’ match tonight. He doesn’t have to win as long as I’m concerned I only hope he stays healthy/ SAFE. Oh and Smackdown was good. 😉

  4. hi sophie cami and suxx. Don’t know wht your theory is suxx, but you’re right it is quiet in here!
    So what did we think of Friday? I’m not sure the wrestling was upto the standard of the previous week. Some good stuff though, great to see more of Luke Gallows, I really feel his involvement is imperetive to the storyline, and its not before time I got his chance to show his talents. Only disappointment was that Serena was not really used too well this week. She could contribute so much more! The lead upto elimination chamber really went up a notch this week with SES standing tall over Morrison, Truth and Mysterio. Great commentary from Matt Stryker too. All in all, SD is improving again I feel.
    The latest rumours I’ve heard are that Jericho is going to win the chamber to face Edge at WM26 for the WHC title, leaving HBK and Undertaker free to do something at WM. I’ve also heard that both The Undertaker and HBK will be taking time off after WM to allow for thier respective health problems. I hasten to add this is all rumours at the moment, but you know the saying there is no smoke without fire! lol 🙂
    Completely unrelated, but Jeff Hardy is said to be signing with TNA after his legal issues are resolved in one way or another. He is said to be really annoyed with WWE for the promo Punk did shortly after his arrest, the one where Punk said that you would never see a mugshot of him plastered all over the internet. Whilst I have respect for Jeff Hardy the wrestler, my thoughts are that if he isn’t happy with the publicity he gets, he shouldn’t do drugs – after all, what the hell did he expect?? I also feel it important to say that the particular promo in question, Punk never even mentioned Hardy by name, so what’s he whinging at??

  5. Just a couple of other notes: on WWE.COM power 25 Punk and Gallows have moved upto number 9, nice to see them going in the right direction again!
    Also, WWE.COM the week in photos section for week 14 feb, has pictures up of all the rookies including THAT HAIR! LOL, there is also a really cool studio pic of Serena on there and a nice action shot of Punk in flight! SES do seem to be getting more publicity these past couple of weeks, its all good stuff!

  6. @julie I doubt Punk will win ‘the chamber’. I think it probably will be like you have said above. Those other guys have been longer with the company, longer than Punk. I guess Punk will get his chance again at a later time and I don’t doubt that. Re Smackdown, yeah Luke Gallows is growing on me also….lol Serena is always all smiles. I don’t blame her being near Punk all the time. 😉 I don’t have any doubt that Serena will get her chance sooner or later- I’m talking wrestling here not what you guys might think of….lolz Yeah and R. Truth gets on my nerves with his ”Wazz up, wazz up”- for how much longer? Yawn… and J.Morrison looks ridiculous with his shades all the time and fur coat. He doesn’t look like a rockstar, he does look like a pimp. lmfao 😛 I thought Jericho was great on the mic again. I have to get used to Edge. I liked how Batista played ‘the game’ again. Batista you go! 😛

  7. I forgot to mention Jeff Hardy. I have respect for him as a wrestler also but I do not respect him for taking drugs and being stupid to get caught. I have a HUGE problem with this.

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