Smackdown Results: Back in black


After Rey Mysterio shaved CM Punk’s head at Over the Limit, those in attendance and watching all over the world waited to see just how Punk would look. However, The Second City Saint didn’t give the WWE Universe what they wanted. Instead, he concealed himself behind a skin-tight black mask, emblazoned with S.E.S. lettering. Protruding from the mask was Punk’s still-intact beard.

Although his symbol of purity had been taken, Punk seemed to embrace his new appearance and used it to fuel his fight against Kane. As Serena distracted the referee, Luke Gallows punched The Big Red Monster in the head. With Kane still reeling, Punk capitalized and hit the Go to Sleep for the Fatal 4-Way qualifying win.

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  1. Yeah lol but it will be nice to see his new head =) I pretty sure he’s still sexy =) and he’s still the best =) Love him =)

  2. You’re nice in mask, Phil, but if you wait 3-5 months, you can mae dreadlocks as long as you want.

  3. 3 to 5 months? god i hope he starts growing it back. I told my sister he got his head shaved, she is NOT happy. She doesn’t want to watch his head get shaved. She really doesn’t.

  4. While I was super horrified when I heard he got his head shaved, I guess it’s not as bad now. The pictures of him coming out with a towel on his head are super funny, haha. 🙂 And the mask cracks me up. Only thing that bothers me… that beard.

  5. ye it looks er a bit frightening sticking out of his mask.But the reason why i think is coz Charles manson, shaved his hair off but left the beard. I’m glad he has the chest hair.

  6. I was laughing so hard when I first saw him like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Punk fan, but, I kind of like to see him suffer. It’s just left over from my love of Jeff Hardy.
    I wonder if Rey Rey will say anything.

  7. But does Punk really want his hair to grow back??
    I don’t like the mask, we can’t see his pretty face anymore and I think that one masked Rey Rey was enough. I find it ridiculous but everyone here seems so happy..

  8. I do wanna see his face coz it kinda takes away from my enjoyment, i can still fancy him with no hair, believe me! But the mask is getting in the way ladies. But it looks cool, ill just have to focus on his tickly beard, not that i’ve experienced its tickling qualities but im sure it tickles. I hope punk wants to grow his hair back, but he is a punk…this is the first time in a long time he’s had no hair.

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