Smackdown Results: Battle before the war


The odds were stacked against World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker from the start. In CM Punk’s corner were referee Scott Armstrong and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, setting the stage for a repeat of what transpired at WWE Breaking Point. However, the champion took matters into his own hands to keep his coveted gold. After chokeslamming Armstrong and escaping Punk’s deadly Anaconda Vise, The Phenom locked The Straightedge Superstar in Hell’s Gate, forcing him to submit. Long looked visibly shaken at the outcome.

Prior to the night’s main event, Mr. McMahon met with Armstrong, Long and Punk to discuss The Straightedge Superstar’s match with The Phenom. Clearly, The Chairman has a strong interest in who holds the World Title. Will his influence carry over to the Fatal Four Way at WWE Bragging Rights?

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  1. Wow! I kinda had a feeling that Taker would win, somehow, and he did. The match didn’t last very long but we did see some impressive things during the match… Well, we always see that when Punk wrestles. Anyway, soooooo excited about Bragging Rights!

  2. Haha, I noticed that, but didn’t care 😛

    LOL, Undertaker used maybe more color than he needed?

  3. ok, this may be a bit of a controversial post, but I always believe in being honest so here goes!! In some respects I’m please CM Punk didn’t win back the title last night – there, said it! lol. The reason for saying that is because I feel all this storyline stuff is getting in the way and belittling the talent of Punk. Of course I want Punk to get the title back, after all he is the best talent on WWE, but that is the reason I’m glad he didnt get it last night. When Punk wins it back I want it to be because he outwrestled the other guy, because he is more talented and more skilled in his craft, not because of some dumb conspiracy storyline. I have watched wrestling from being a child and I am now in my 30’s, I understand the importance of the heel role but I can also remember when the title stood for something and wrestlers with talent got to keep it for months, not like now where if you’re lucky you get it for a week or two! Please let the wrestling speak for itself and the storylines come secondary. Let Punk face someone of the same standard and win fairly. Having said all that, the match last night was an improvement on the previous few weeks, Undertaker was quicker than of late and we did get to see some better stuff instead of the chase round the ring crap. Lets hope the improvements continue. Well hope the commetns have livened up the greyness of the new web design, and as I said this is just my opinion, and I guess you all know the old Axl Rose quote about opinions…. 🙂

  4. No Jim Ross, damn I was in desperate need for some “verticality” in the commentary haha, seriously though Jerry Lawler did a outstanding job covering for the ill JR. Get well Jim and get back to work ASAP!
    I thought it was a stronger show this week and most of the matches were interuption-free and of a higher standard which was such a nice change. Punk versus Undertaker was marginally better than on previous weeks and all the distractions ie Teddy, Armstrong were unfortunately necessary to allow the Undertaker to catch his breath presumably. His fitness or his advancing age gives him away Im afraid. Did CM Punk do any wrestling? Not much and it was over quickly – THANK GOD! I as well as many CM Punk fans are hoping this was the end of the breaking point storyline ie the revenge and we can be allowed to move on to Punk actually using his genius against someone who can deliver Punk some serious competition. Last thing for Mr Callaway, sir beard dye for men, the dark brown is a more natural colour than the jetblack which was too harsh for your complexion. The dark brown is what this oldboy uses and it would be a better fit for you as well.

  5. Punk was having fun this week it was very obvious, he wasnt allowed to do much wrestling I did notice2, but he made up for it by stealing the match from the undertaker through his mic work and his antics throughout the show and throughout the match, such a scene-stealer. The man is so talented and gorgeous.. and hairy! lol. Wax babyboy, its nicer for us girls who adore you.

  6. Was overall an excellent episode WWE, solid matches with no external shit to ruin them, fun backstage stuff and no CrymeTyme, Miz or Undertaker FX/speeches to rip apart the fabric of a good simple formula that delivers and im well happy and relieved. The crowd was awake for this show too which was nice! Punk vs Undertaker was better match than previous weeks thanks to Punks personality and ring antics though it pains me to see Punk almost stripped of all of his deadly arsenal of skills in aim of making Taker look better in the ring. Same ol’ same ol’ I cant see anyone getting out of Punks anaconda vise, its more lockdown-based and equally as deadly as Undertakers Hells Gate Submission Hold, but we wont let facts like that get in the way of a victory for Mr Taker!…however Undertaker looks years younger and Im happy for him – a heap of years off the clock in 2 weeks thats incredible… just get the stamina up dude, work on the fitness, droping a little overall body weight will help with speed and agility and bring your body into line with the present age of your new face! .. Hopefully thats close to the end of the non-feud with CM Punk cause weve had our fill WWE! Guess I’ll have to layoff on the old zombie jokes hey! Im hoping now that the Breaking Point Montreal Screwjob2 storyline is caput and there will be a moving on to something far more wrestling based for Punk. Punk vs Cena! Yes Ive changed my mind, the reasons on the BR page! Here’s hoping!

    The right team now for Smackdown vs RAW, glad Finlay is in there, and see how the man lead the pack to victory, he shines that bloke, such a gr8 wrestler! Whether it was intentional or not his central role and presence made that match pretty exciting to watch. Finlay is the successful ingredient to Smackdowns team matches no doubt about it, just as CM PUNK is the ingredient that makes Smackdown watchable on the whole… Vince and Punk together, I dont know who is more diabolical – probably Vince haha, well he is the boss!

    Batista and Rey vs jericho and kane was a gr8 match as well, geez Batista is really hitting his straps over the last weeks and the crowd was pumped by his presence and performance… I reckon at BR the new WHChampion… love the Rey/Batista backstage banter, like Rocky and Apollo from III and IV… very cool!

    Morrison is always good – did he actually land the starship pain though? haha

    But the hit of the week goes to Granny who dealt Michelle McCool probably the hardest hit of her career! That nearly knocked McCool into tomorrow haha! Thats gonna leave a mark Granny whatchya doin? LOL! OUCH ! I reckon that musta really blurred Michelles vision. Granny its WWE not UFC! Go easy on the opposition LOL! Hell funny! 🙂

  7. lol ! that was funny … shes got a mean right hook that ol bird lol! Im with you guys, much more enjoyable episode and no irritations other than another stupid and unrealistic Punk loss! I wasnt sure John planted his starship move either, clever camera work did a good cover job! SO HAPPY NO FUCKING MIZ! God I hate that tool! Good show WWE

  8. Hey Punky or should I call you ‘hairy punky’ hehe! Im with Robyn you should wax. Your sexy no matter what but a smooth criminal is the sexiest kind! We understand your letting yourself go with all of this undertaker stuff its demoralising but hang in there, retain your spirit because you will be the world champion again soon.

  9. was a good show, I thought i was seeing things with Punks hairy chest, that was cute at first but then not, lol. But he was having a lot of fun out there this week, so I wasnt so disturbed by it and it was a lot of wrestling which was good for the whole show.

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