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The odds were stacked against World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker from the start. In CM Punk’s corner were referee Scott Armstrong and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, setting the stage for a repeat of what transpired at WWE Breaking Point. However, the champion took matters into his own hands to keep his coveted gold. After chokeslamming Armstrong and escaping Punk’s deadly Anaconda Vise, The Phenom locked The Straightedge Superstar in Hell’s Gate, forcing him to submit. Long looked visibly shaken at the outcome.

Prior to the night’s main event, Mr. McMahon met with Armstrong, Long and Punk to discuss The Straightedge Superstar’s match with The Phenom. Clearly, The Chairman has a strong interest in who holds the World Title. Will his influence carry over to the Fatal Four Way at WWE Bragging Rights?

Fabiola   Oct 24, 2009