Smackdown Results: Charging toward the Chamber


Earlier, in the first match between those that will meet in Satan’s Structure, The Master of the 619 scored a hard-fought victory over The Second City Saint, using his amazing athleticism to counter the GTS. for the three-count. But, after the bell, The Straight Edge Society retaliated with a vengeance, leaving the war torn Mysterio reeling on the canvas.

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  1. happy valentines day cm punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    happy valentines day mom i love u
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  2. good match, better than the tag team I thought. some very nice moves from both guys this week. I can understand what you mean about the result Thatedgeyman, but think its all part of the “big picture” lol only time will tell. Great to see Luke and Serena being used well. I must admit I am getting more and more impressed with Luke Gallows as time goes on, I like this character so much more than Festus, it really does seem to suit him. The straightedge society cemented their place as major heels once again. Never mind Jericho, they are the best in the world at what they do! 🙂
    Speaking of Jericho, rumour has it he is going to win the SD elimination chamber, which will lead to him facing Edge at wrestlemania. Leaving the way clean for HBK and the Undertaker to do something at wrestlemania too. If this turns out to be true, it makes sence to start a mini feud now between Punk and Mysterio now if there is going to be a hair v mask match.
    By the way, how many of us were taken in by John Morrison? Nice job!
    I’m wondering what will happen with the ECW Roster come next week, I understand that they are being split between RAW and SD. Personally, I’d love to see Yoshi Tatsu and Shelton Benjamin come over to SD. I think a match between Yoshi and Punk could be very entertaining! Wouldn’t it be nice, just to have a really good match every now and then just for the hell of it? Not to futher a character or storyline, just to show off how amazing pro wrestling can be is done with skill and talent, I think those kind of matches are sorely missed these days.

  3. I’m also SO biting my tongue right now….:P

    Here is what I found on the Mickie James twitter, hope she doesn’t mind that I post it here- it’s nice, she’s a nice one.
    It’s for all of you! 😀 (Mind you we have carnival right now……lol)

    Quote Mickie James:
    I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day. Filled with love, hugs, joy, and smiles. If your like me & have no one to hold… Then send

    Your love out to everyone who touches your heart… Everyone want to be loved! ;-)Thank you all… Lots of love! Ok ok… & hugs! Muah…

  4. Two masters of their craft delivering the goods, CM Punk always the innovator, Rey Mysterio always the excitment machine. Great match, great matchup.

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