Smackdown Results: CM Punk def. Luke Gallows


Before their match, Luke Gallows roughed up his former mentor CM Punk in the locker room area. With The Straight Edge Society no more, Gallows was looking to prove his mettle on his own. However, The Second City Saint stopped his former disciple cold by stunning him with the GTS.

2 Comments on “Smackdown Results: CM Punk def. Luke Gallows”

  1. i thought that the match with cm punk and luke gallows was awsome and im glad that cm punk taught luke gallows a lesson he did a good job . but also i did not like how luke tried to choke cm punk i thought luke had better sense than that to try to choke the straight edge leader,luke does not deserve to be in the straight edge society because he disrespected cm punk and he had no respect for him plus he has failed to do better and for that he was gone so i think it is good that cm punk will lead our straight edge society family on his own . ses straight edge for life we are better than you .

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