Smackdown Results: Consumed in controversy


Despite the controversy, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk emerged to relish in his victory. Taking no responsibility in the incident itself, he proclaimed that he was the first man in WWE history to make Undertaker tap out. He then proceeded to sing his praises while preaching to the WWE Universe about their many “inadequacies.”

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  1. cari i am pissed a family member came over to my house in the last few days and went in my room and wrote to cm punk and mad him think that it was me sending all those emails when i wasnt home and made me sound and look like a idiot she hates me can you talk to him for me and i throught that the right thing was to say sorry and i didnt do it so help me so now i take my key board with me so this doesnt happen again and i changed all my accounts passwords help me ok

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