Smackdown Results: Death and rebirth


Covered in Jeff Hardy-style face paint, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk teased the WWE Universe by entering the arena to Jeff Hardy’s entrance music. Punk went on to disparage The Charismatic Enigma, flaunt his own “straightedge” lifestyle and dare his WWE Breaking Point opponent, Undertaker, to face him in the ring.

But instead of The Phenom, it was Matt Hardy who charged into the ring to brawl with The Straightedge Superstar. The emotion-charged fight ended only when WWE officials separated the two Superstars. Later, when CM Punk confronted SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long, Teddy agreed for both Superstars to meet in a non-title match later in the night.

In Matt Hardy’s first one-on-one match on SmackDown since having abdominal surgery, he was looking to represent the Hardy name and take down the reigning champion in the night’s main event. In a battle of wills, it was anyone’s match to win. However, before a victor could be decided, Undertaker emerged to confront his WWE Breaking Point opponent. In a swift and powerful assault, The Phenom chokeslammed Punk through the announce table, leaving him a lifeless heap on the arena floor. Is it a sign of things to come at WWE Breaking Point?

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  1. You your right but I don’t want Punk to leave WWE but I really really want Jeff to come back cause I’m his # 1 girl and I love him!! I miss Jeff so much I cry about it everyday cause I’m always think about him not being on SmackDown and it makews me really sad I miss Jeff so much!!! Jeff I miss and I love You HOPE you come back!!

  2. Alright, Why the hell do you people judge CM Punk?
    Who cares about Jeff Hardy, He’s gonna come back on Smackdown at some point.

    It doesn’t give you the right to run your mouth about someone, I find it very Pathiece. And I hope The Undertaker lose’s. Because This isn’t the first time he came back on WWE.

    He came back at lest 20 times for Randy Orton, Who the hell gives a dam. Like I’m like Punk, I’m following in his foot steps, I’m that much of a fan I made a selling site of Punk.. But yes I’m Straight Egde, Of course I’ve seen Punk (live) On Smckdown and ECW, ROH. so many times I’ve lost count. I wear his shirt all the time!. Goes to show people how much there inmaure about people.

    I wonder why what gives you the reason to run your mouth to him? Is it because he’s Straight Edge? He’s better then You? Or is it that he is speaking a GREAT mind to all the drugies our there? I must agree I know CM Punk acts like a jackass now and a again, But it doesn’t give you any right to judge him for it.

    Witch that makes you a Sore Loser, For ever downing on Punk. Goes to show you how much you people care for someone huh? Yeah its what I thought, For me I live in the same area as him. And I won’t stand for someone pointing out someone for being who he is, You can’t judge someone because who they are! Makes you a sore loser for not even caring you only care for your selfs. Grow the fuck up for once, Stop acting like kids!

    Fuck, I’m 18 and I don’t even act like a brat or moron to others. Try getting so know CM Punk because judging him. >.<
    jeez I feel so bad for Punk that he is getting comments from a bunch of kids that no nothing about The WWE or you! What hurts me the most is calling someone a sore loser when they are sure as hell much better then you will ever be.

    Punk WONT be leaving Smackdown.
    Jeff is coming back soon anyways, Along with Edge. And If Undertakr does lose this Sunday he’s gonna bitch get mad and go back on RAW so he could go at, John Cena, John M, Big Show, Or Chris J, Or Kofi. Of course I don’t give a dam, I want Punk to win this Sunday it means alot to me, And I have a feeling Punk will win. Plus all these people who make fun of him on Smackdown are just a grop or morons, They no nothing.

    Anothing thing is, I’m sick and tired of people telling me non of it is true is wreslting is Fake. I fucking know that its FAKE do stop telling me it godamit!
    And for the record I’m, not trying to be mean or say things to the Un straight edge people its just Think twice before you judge someone as smart as you are. Don’t put them down because you think its right, Or I’ll come for you. I might be joining WWE is a fucking awesoem thing! I’ll go on the Divas.

    But yes! CM Punk is my hero, My world, My everything, My idol, My heart. And I’m gonna be just like him some day, Although I’m, him for Halloween. xD

    I love you Punk! <3
    Contacted me at: MSN,


  3. cami why did you leave the other section you have not been on that one since you gave that website for cm punk which i still cant get on it to talk to cm punk person to person is that the wrong one or what come back to that one ok

  4. When CM Punk came out on smackdown last week and called the arena a dump i couldn’t stop laughing, its the funniest thing he has said in his whole career

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