Smackdown Results: Death and rebirth


Covered in Jeff Hardy-style face paint, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk teased the WWE Universe by entering the arena to Jeff Hardy’s entrance music. Punk went on to disparage The Charismatic Enigma, flaunt his own “straightedge” lifestyle and dare his WWE Breaking Point opponent, Undertaker, to face him in the ring.

But instead of The Phenom, it was Matt Hardy who charged into the ring to brawl with The Straightedge Superstar. The emotion-charged fight ended only when WWE officials separated the two Superstars. Later, when CM Punk confronted SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long, Teddy agreed for both Superstars to meet in a non-title match later in the night.

In Matt Hardy’s first one-on-one match on SmackDown since having abdominal surgery, he was looking to represent the Hardy name and take down the reigning champion in the night’s main event. In a battle of wills, it was anyone’s match to win. However, before a victor could be decided, Undertaker emerged to confront his WWE Breaking Point opponent. In a swift and powerful assault, The Phenom chokeslammed Punk through the announce table, leaving him a lifeless heap on the arena floor. Is it a sign of things to come at WWE Breaking Point?

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  1. Has anyone beaten Undertaker? I read he’s unbeaten in 17 outings. Shawn Michaels performed miracles at wrestlemania 25 but couldnt do it. Punk is harder than Michaels, in fact I reckon Punk is the hardest wrestler going round at present, thats why he’s world champ, but how do you beat a clown who dissapears in the dark when things dont go his way???!!! Punk you need a good strategy… I have a feeling youre gonna beat the Dead-girl eye-liner wearing old tool…LOL. If not at breaking point then soon after. Be unfair to lose to a creepy phantom who survives on smoke and mirrors…put two chairs round his neck and break his head off, it might actually spin around and start projectile vomiting like in poltegeist…haha.

  2. And I agree with the other guys here, mimicking Jeff Hardy was sooooo evil hahahahahaha… youre a bad man CM Punk LOL! Did you see the faces on the people in the crowd when they realised it was Punk!!! LOL A truly golden moment in the history of this most infamous heel. I hated you for a moment Punk, but I forgave you when I thought about the balls you have to have to make enemies out of ‘everyone’ and still have to go to the corner store to buy milk??? You are still leaving the house are ya Punk??? LOL. God bless ya….hahahahaha, brilliant stuff. Truly you are the deranged but brilliant zen-master I called you in previous posts….

  3. All you need to do is get up in front of the next smackdown crowd and quote some far-eastern philosophy to just blow their minds… I would love that. I can just hear Punk saying to the crowd “Youre all weak and pathetic…I laugh at you little humans as you cheer for fools who can never understand the sound of one hand clapping! I understand such things cause I live the straightedge lifestyle that is soooo far above youre level of understanding…I pity you unenlightened fools….NOT!!! Hahahaha in your best heel-worthy laugh” Man I think I should be your script writer LOL That wasnt bad…

  4. you know i used to fancy jeff but to be honest i think it was because he was pretty much the only long haired guy that i could properly relate to. Coz he is a bit artsy. But when punk came out in face paint, i realised, im sooo not into jeff anymore. All i could think was ewwww punk in facepaint, that’s somehow wrong. Maybe its just the shape of his face. God everyone really thought it was jeff, but his body is totally different.

  5. Hey Cami!

    (To Punk is HOT)
    I really miss Jeff too =(, seriously, don’t know how long I can wait for him to return!

    But right now, it’s CM Punks time, I really hope he’ll beat taker, then people have to start respect him.

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