Smackdown Results: Destruction before Survival?


One week after a fast count by aggravated WWE official Scott Armstrong cost CM Punk his match against R-Truth, The Straightedge Superstar overcame the rapping Superstar with a little help from his surroundings. As R-Truth was escaping the GTS and attempting a counter pinfall, The Second City Saint suddenly dropped down upon him, clutching the ropes to secure his three-count, just outside the official’s view.

What effect will Punk’s victory have on the momentum of Team Kingston vs. Team Orton at Survivor Series?

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  1. Just seen the poster for the TLC ppv, with Punk on it! woop woop!! 😉 lets hope this means his return to main event status.

  2. Well we are always up for a CM Punk victory. R-Truth had a cheated win last week, so it was only fair Punk got his back this week. Shame though, he didnt need to hold the ropes, Truth was well caught up and caught out… CM Punk, no matter what other shit is going on, is the most innovative wrestler in the WWE, without a doubt. Since his demotion to matches with R-Truth, he’s made a meal of it with all the pure wrestling he’s been able to do and Truth gets a heap of credit for going there with him. The mic work from both gents was gr8, I particularly loved when Truth called CM Punk a ‘PUNK!’ and Punk pushed him – that personal stuff makes for gr8 drama… I can say the only thing that was missing was a little speed within the match, it was a tad slow at times but still pretty good to watch…

    But, as always of late there was something that pissed me off and that was the Undertaker/Chris Jericho match. I never thought Id be defending the Undertaker, but someone tell me how Jericho was allowed to land more hits on Taker in one match, than CM Punk was allowed to land in the whole of his dud feud with the Taker. Man, that shit me! And the reality thing again was the reason. I cant see the big ol’ boy like the Undertaker going down to Chris Jericho who looks like a soft chubby pouting school-boy. Who is matching up these guys? Just as it never looked right that Punk always lost to Taker, so too it looks wrong that Jericho so easily brought Taker to failing point, and almost won. WWE please tell me Jericho is not planned to actually defeat the Undertaker! It shouldve been CM Punk!!! Oh the injustice! That match just looked like another smack in the face for CM Punk!

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