Smackdown Results: Earning the right to “brag”


In Friday night’s main event, longtime friends and WWE Bragging Rights Fatal-4-Way contestants Rey Mysterio and Batista were forced to go one-on-one. After a competitive battle, Mysterio pulled off the win, pinning The Animal. Although there was some question regarding whether or not one of Batista’s shoulders had been fully on the canvas, the ref’s call stood. After Batista conceded the win to his friend and exited the ring, CM Punk rushed out of the crowd and into the ring, dropping Mysterio with the Go to Sleep. The Animal came charging back to drive Punk off. All three will meet again when they face The Deadman at WWE Bragging Rights.

Although CM Punk couldn’t get Mr. McMahon to call off the WWE Bragging Rights Fatal-4-Way Match, The Straightedge Superstar did receive a title match with World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker next Friday on SmackDown! Plus, the encounter will be contested in exactly the way Punk wants – a Submission Match. And just like at WWE Breaking Point, Scott Armstrong will be the referee, with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long at ringside. Will the WWE Universe again bear witness to a sordid conspiracy against The Phenom?

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  1. No CM Punk? I wanted to see him in action!!! Gaaaaaahh….

    Haha, so funny when he did the “pistols” at the end 😛

  2. what the fuck…. I don’t know what else to say except can’t believe I wasted 2 hours of my life to watch a show that only had 30 seconds of good stuff! Does anyone else think that the Undertaker is looking younger every week? Maybe he’s turned into Doctor who and gained the power to regenerate! He talked a bit quicker this week too, same old crap but at least a bit quicker! 🙂

  3. Well, Im handing out congratulations in part to the Undertaker and WWE for listening to the criticisms over the last weeks, from me and all us heretic trouble-makers here at Punks place hehe. Everyone knows Iv dished some serious shit at poor ol’ Taker over his performances and his age… well as Julie said and I did notice last week as well, but moreso this week how much younger and vital the Undertaker looked… Im happy there is a fountain of youth in hell Mr Taker LOL! And hooray, the man is speaking faster and more naturally which was gr8 to see. If he can get his stamina up and deliver with the big main event against Punk next week, I’ll be even more congratulatory… I am not ignorant of the Undertakers awesome achievments over the years and there is a tone of respect there, I just want a fair go for a wrestler who has the same enormous talent and skill in CM Punk… and who represents our generation!

    Finlay delivered the goods again with Ziggler and Knox, Ziggler is getting better with each match, love it when he goes beserk haha, I know his pain! LOL!… Batista and Rey was light-hearted if not pointless, but Batista, the man’s alright, hell I like the dude!

    Ofcourse the show had a massive aching hole in it due obviously for there being no CM Punk, but as we all recognize he and Taker are probably working hard for next weeks big one! Cant wait…

    Oh, and the dirt sheet is a good concept for promoting personality and thats where that stuff belongs… in reading all the superstars pain on the two prev pages of comments, Im hoping WWE will now recognize that the fans want interference-free wrestling when its time for actual wrestling! Why destroy good matches with all this other crap?! Roll on next week…

  4. ithought the show was a little bit better than last weeks and a million times better than the superstars show, that was terrible, no CM though on samckdown, we missed you lovely man. This chickiebabe was waiting all week for some CM but not much was on offer 🙁

  5. to punknut, Finlay is impressive, can’t take to Ziggler at all, don’t know if its the personality I just can’t get past tho. I’m not sure we’re every going to get Undertaker back to what he was, and that for me is the sad thing. Hate to think that after all he’s achieved,the last thing we’ll remember him for is the guy that was incredibley sloooooowwwww in the ring at the end! don’t mind the dirt sheet, but god does it have to last so long! but it is better than disrupting the matches for. This week was a waste of time for me, didn’t get much from it in terms of wrestling, but hopefully next week’s submission match should change that.

  6. you know one of the things about punk that gives him his competative edge is his speed in the ring, he doesn’t show boad and bullshit the audience like some wrestlers (batista, morrison, undertaker etc) he gets the match over with and it makes him have a better image than most wrestlers.

  7. To Julie – I just love it when Ziggler gets really mad and his head looks like its gonna explode LOL! hahaha

  8. Neither here nor there this episode. Definately Taker looks younger – wheres he been going for rejuvination? lol! And noticed his yakety yak was a little more speedy which was so great! Its good they are listening, if only they’d listen when we say let the wrestlers wrestle without all the incoming external shit.

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