Latest News • Around Town goes on set of CM Punk’s new movie, ‘Girl on the Third Floor’


In Friday night’s main event, longtime friends and WWE Bragging Rights Fatal-4-Way contestants Rey Mysterio and Batista were forced to go one-on-one. After a competitive battle, Mysterio pulled off the win, pinning The Animal. Although there was some question regarding whether or not one of Batista’s shoulders had been fully on the canvas, the ref’s call stood. After Batista conceded the win to his friend and exited the ring, CM Punk rushed out of the crowd and into the ring, dropping Mysterio with the Go to Sleep. The Animal came charging back to drive Punk off. All three will meet again when they face The Deadman at WWE Bragging Rights.

Although CM Punk couldn’t get Mr. McMahon to call off the WWE Bragging Rights Fatal-4-Way Match, The Straightedge Superstar did receive a title match with World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker next Friday on SmackDown! Plus, the encounter will be contested in exactly the way Punk wants – a Submission Match. And just like at WWE Breaking Point, Scott Armstrong will be the referee, with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long at ringside. Will the WWE Universe again bear witness to a sordid conspiracy against The Phenom?

Fabiola   Oct 17, 2009