Latest News • Around Town goes on set of CM Punk’s new movie, ‘Girl on the Third Floor’


After WWE NXT Rookie Darren Young refused to accept the Straight Edge lifestyle, he suffered a beating at the hands of CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena. But just when it looked like Young was going to become Straight Edge – whether he liked it or not – Rey Mysterio stormed the ring to break up the indoctrination. After clearing the ring of The Straight Edge Society, Mysterio passionately accepted Punk’s challenge to a match at Extreme Rules – also vowing to shave Punk’s head and put an end to The Straight Edge Society!

It seems as though they didn’t air the Chicago Street Fight. Since I attended the show. Once Rey accepted the challenge for Extreme Rules, Teddy comes out and tells the Rey and Punk that the fans don’t want to wait for Extreme Rules. The fans cheer and Teddy announces a Chicago Street Fight. While the match didn’t get too hardcore, it ended with Rey getting the victory.

Fabiola   Apr 10, 2010