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Following his SummerSlam triumph, a gloating CM Punk returned to SmackDown as the “only Straightedge Champion in WWE History.” When The Charismatic Enigma interrupted his celebration, promising to end Punk’s reign in their steel cage rematch, Punk proposed the loser be thrown out of WWE. As the shocked WWE Universe stood witness, Hardy accepted the huge gamble. SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long arrived to set the stipulation in stone. He then dropped a bombshell, stating that at the brand new pay-per-view WWE Breaking Point, where every main event will be a submission match, the winner of the steel cage clash would face Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Later that night, after years of incredible feats of reckless abandon, fate finally caught up with Jeff Hardy in a moment of tragic irony. After blocking the high-flying specialist’s climb to victory, the World Heavyweight Champion superplexed him from high atop of the cage. Hardy battled back heroically, trying to prevent his adversary from getting over the cage with every fiber of his being. But a thumb to the eye by Punk sealed his fate, allowing The Straightedge Superstar to retain his title while simultaneously vanquishing the amazing Jeff Hardy from the WWE ring. After Hardy delivered a heartfelt goodbye to the WWE Universe, the ruthless Punk added insult to injury, attacking the departing Superstar from behind with the World title.

As a result of the SmackDown main event, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk will face the returning Undertaker at WWE Breaking Point.

Fabiola   Aug 29, 2009