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Before the bell could ring to start their World Heavyweight Championship rematch, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk attacked each other, quickly bringing the WWE Universe into a state of absolute bedlam. Amidst the mass hysteria, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon emerged, declaring that the two Superstars would still have a World Heavyweight Championship Match with a “special guest enforcer,” handpicked by The Chairman himself.

Later that night, to the shock of the WWE Universe, Matt Hardy emerged as Mr. McMahon’s special guest enforcer. While Jeff was confronting his brother outside the ring, Punk used the distraction to attempt an attack on his adversary. But when Jeff moved, it was his elder brother that took the hit instead. Moments later, when it looked like Punk may pin the World Champion, Matt pulled the referee out of the ring. As Matt confronted Punk, Jeff rolled his opponent up and the guest enforcer himself counted Punk’s shoulders to the canvas. The former ECW Champion then left without further action or comment.

Following the bell, an enraged CM Punk viciously attacked Hardy for the second week in a row, ruthlessly incorporating a chair to catastrophic ends. SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long responded by making the blockbuster announcement that Jeff Hardy would again face CM Punk for the title at SummerSlam, in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match.

Fabiola   Aug 8, 2009