Smackdown Results: Fear of the Spear


Rey Mysterio cost CM Punk his chance at this year’s WrestleMania Money in the Bank Ladder Match. When a potentially interfering Luke Gallows jumped up on the ring apron, The Masked Superstar emerged to yank him back off. This distracted The Second City Saint long enough for The Gold Standard to hit PayDirt. The victory made Benjamin the third member of SmackDown to qualify for an opportunity at the Money in the Bank briefcase when WrestleMania hits Phoenix March 28.

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  1. twitter is for dorks…awww well that clears that up. I’m a dork.
    right we’ll try to talk about wrestling more but im not really good at reviewing and all that. I just like pointing out now and again that his beard sometimes has the texture of pubes.

  2. I have a feeling cm punk will lose the hair vs. Mask match because the writers know fans love change and everyone hates CM punk so it’s a golden oppertunity, but I still really want punk to win!!

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