Smackdown Results: From here to Christmas


The self-proclaimed “Chosen One” Drew McIntyre returned from WWE TLC the new Intercontinental Champion. But when bedlam took over in the Six-Man Tag Team Match he was involved in, it was Luke Gallows that found the way to win. The Superstar formally known as Festus used his new-found focus to pass CM Punk’s 2009 Slammy Award directly to “his savior.” This allowed The Second City Saint to smash Matt Hardy in the abdomen and claim victory for his team.

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  1. Aaaaawwwwwwww, Jordie, that was beautiful what you wrote, you sound like a gorgeous young lady and I bet Punk likes your comments as much as we all do. A Smackdown wedding, wow! Well all good things to those who wait. 🙂

  2. You people crack me up. P) I don’t want his sperm only I want the whole man.D) Happy new year everyone!!

  3. We’d all love it direct from source, we could all pose as nurses and do that thing they did in Road Trip – milking the prostate. I wish he was my doctor…that’d be great. Bet that beard tickles…right im off for a lie down, im gonna give myself a heart attack.

  4. hey suzy q its jordie here thank you for your comment but you know i have watched a happy new year special of friday night smackdown and the date was 1 1 10 so it is a sad year for cm punk because he did not get a match at the royal rumble however i got good news and bad news the good news is he won his match against matt hardy the bad news is he never done anything in his life just to be cool now then as the secend city saint we must be his love slaves and do what he said anyways good night

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