Smackdown Results: From here to Christmas


The self-proclaimed “Chosen One” Drew McIntyre returned from WWE TLC the new Intercontinental Champion. But when bedlam took over in the Six-Man Tag Team Match he was involved in, it was Luke Gallows that found the way to win. The Superstar formally known as Festus used his new-found focus to pass CM Punk’s 2009 Slammy Award directly to “his savior.” This allowed The Second City Saint to smash Matt Hardy in the abdomen and claim victory for his team.

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  1. Haha I love it ! Didnt Matt Hardy recently have surgery ..I dont know what i would do without this fantastic site…its beautiful..and so is cm punk.Gorgeous new pictures too .Hoorah.Yes i am extreme.

  2. Im falling more in love With every single word you say.Im falling head over heels for you.I love you cm punk. Oh my i just got dejavu ( i cant spell).
    I missed this smackdown …

  3. I think Chris Jericho summed up this week’s episode of Smackdown when he chose to walk out on his match with an attitude that said “Ive had a gutful, Ive got a headache, I cant be fucked, im outta here!” LOL! That was pretty much how the whole of this weeks SD played out – with the exception of one match, that magnificent 6-man tag match, “OH YEAH”! Again CM Punk and his co-horts Luke Gallows, Drew McIntire, and R-Truth, Matt Hardy with John Morrison in opposition, stole the main event and left everything else in their wake with their innovation, skills and energy. Punk and Luke Gallows looked for the first time truly bonded and Gallows was outstanding. LOL! SLAMMED BY A SLAMMY! LOL! How cool and the perfect way to get a victory. One move in particular blew my mind, I have no clue what its called but when Punk was on the rope and Gallows had Morrison stradled and Punk jumped onto him and flipped him! FUCK, that was crazy! Whew! To the idiot that calls himself CM JOKE (previous page) there’s your answer right there tough guy, not many guys would put their bodies on the line in such a dangerous way, mis-time that and its life in a wheelchair! Punk’s timing and placement was freaky! That move shocked me, incredible!. John Morrison – now there’s a man with great trust! And as everyone knows Ive not warmed to Drew McIntire but ofcourse being alongside CM Punk shit gets figured out. McIntire, he’s a big lad with a lot of charisma, but he’s holding back. He needs to go darker, lose the ‘too-cool-for-school-attitude’ and he’l be better for it. The best tag match of 2009 I reckon. 🙂

    LOL! Matt Strikers commentary was brilliant.

  4. CmPunk and Festus looked lethal together. McIntire was a fantastic third wheel. The perfect 3 man tag-team. Forget the rest of the show.

  5. THE 3 KINGS, PUNK, GALLOWS AND MCINTIRE. I agree, best match of smackdown this week, one of the best tags of the year. The re-run of that match was just as sweet the second time.

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