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For the second time in three weeks, The Friday Night Delight used a quick counter to score a second non-title victory over World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. After the bell, the World Champion he refused to shake hands because the last time they shook hands, Punk hit the GTS cheap shot on Morrison. Punk knows that by Morrison offering the hand, it comes with consequences.

The animosity between the polar opposite Night of Champion opponents, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, reached a new level of intensity. Hardy insisted he will become the next World Heavyweight Champion while Punk says that his pay-per-view opponent is a consummate screw-up who will never beat him. After listening to one insult too many, Hardy abruptly ended the confrontation, knocking the World Champion to the canvas.

Later, in the culmination of a spectacular tag team main event, Jeff Hardy threw Jericho in The Straightedge Champion’s direction as he was sitting at the broadcast table. Punk then tossed Jericho into Hardy, knocking his Night of Champions challenger into the unforgiving steel steps disqualifying he and Rey Mysterio in the process. After the match, the smiling United Tag Team Champion hooked in the Walls of Jericho to the war-torn Charismatic No. 1 Contender while Punk looked on indifferently from outside the ring.

Fabiola   Jul 18, 2009