Smackdown Results: Hot pursuit


In his continued quest to avenge the attack on his brother, The Undertaker, Kane took on CM Punk in a brutal No Disqualification Match. As their emotional battle waged on, The Big Red Monster found himself tangling with the entire Straight Edge Society. Despite the odds, Kane held his own, capping off the battle by chokeslamming Luke Gallows through the announce table.

But the action was far from over.

With The Big Red Monster raging, Punk sought refuge by running out into the WWE Universe and into the arena lobby. Kane quickly followed and delivered a punishing attack, smashing The S.E.S. leader through two tables and head-first into one of the arena’s steel beams. Finally, Kane shoved Punk through an exit door, sending him running off into the night.

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  1. i would first like to say number one kane should have not attacked cm punk or luke gallows i feel angry and upset that kane would do that what the hell is erong with him i think kane is evil and is a demon i also think he is doing immoral injustice things too and i hate immoral injustice things! It goes against my father jehovah’s commandments ! And it is not right at all and i really hope that the wwe management and the police do something about this monster kane no one messes with my family the straight edge society no one ! Instead of trying to blame everyone and going after people i think kane needs to either find the person who attacked his brother or get help for his problem and leave my straight edge society family tge hell alone! .

  2. I know that the storyline about CM Punk sucks at the wwe now, but it’s just a storyline. Don’t worry about it, Kane would not attack everyone who can’t wrestle like him or Punk!

  3. oh. Don’t worry. He is a mercurial jerk. I still think you are the best. Screw a Kane. He is just big and strong. Nothing else. His technique is hopeless, your is much better, trust me. I still believe you can have WHC, what i say. YOU MUST HAVE IT.!

  4. When serena said he saved me…i thought it was a euphemism for..he had sex with me, i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO but then i found out she fell off the wagon.So i felt better.

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