Smackdown Results: Hungry Animal heading to WWE TLC


On his ongoing “crusade” to convert those in need to a straightedge lifestyle, The Second City Saint completely shocked the WWE Universe by reintroducing a reformed Luke Gallows, formerly Festus. He explained that he has gotten Gallows off the abusive drugs and away from the neglect that his family had enabled him with for so long.

After Punk proclaimed WWE Alumni Jeff Hardy’s soon to be released DVD “My Life My Rules,” a “dangerous, addictive new drug,” The Straightedge Superstar battled Jeff’s brother, Matt Hardy. But just when it looked as if Hardy would rise above the former World Champion, the vicious Gallows unleashed an unrelenting assault that left him motionless in the center of the ring.

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  1. Cm punk says he is straight edge and does not put poisons in hes body. He has tattoos wouldnt that be poisining hes body.

  2. Straight-edge people can have tattoos, because that doesn’t affect their bodies in a bad way like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes does.

    What CM Punk said about that DVD was only because of their feud, it’s not like he’s gonna say he likes it. CM Punk is heel, that means that he does anything to upset the fans, anything to get “you suck” chants… it’s a part of being heel, he’s a bad guy.

    About the whole “Festus” thing, I don’t like it that much, why? Well, because now he’s probably gonna use Festus as a bodyguard, which means more cheating in matches, more easy-way outs, it will make him look weak and that we don’t want!!!
    But I don’t know, it may work…

  3. I will come back regarding the tattoo issue when I will have more time. Punk is a player. GET OVER IT and run fast! smiles 🙂

  4. Well you could argue that being a fan of anything is sort of indicating an obsession of some sort, being addicted to a certain wrestler. He didn’t say poison, he said new kinda drug, well tattoos are like a drug so is competition according to punk. His point about prescription drugs is that people do take them as if their candy and so i hear most of the cases of acute liver failure are attributed to people taking too much paracetemol. You dont need to take painkillers for everything, they are bad for you in big quantities. I get pain all the time, im disabled, i dont take painkillers all the time, i go have a lie down. It works wonders. I try to use painkillers sparingly and use them in the proper dosage.

  5. A very weak episode of Smackdown this week. I respect that in some way the WWE is giving Punk some kind of forum to legitimately express the benefits of straightedge to kids, particularly after last weeks nightmare and humiliation, the Festus thing was cool if it was true LOL! I also liked that Punk was the one to promote Jeff Hardy’s DVD, presumably the same DVD that the WWE canned when Jeff was arrested months back. I said then that they should have still put the DVD out at the time, regardless of the WWE pretending they were moral warriors, cause we all know they are not at all, nevertheless Punk inversely promoting Jeff’s DVD hopefully went some way to easing the tensions that existed between him and the Hardy’s (if that reported stuff was ever really true to begin with?) The question now is, as they are putting out and promoting this dvd, WHY? What does the WWE know about Jeff and his plight that we perhaps dont? Perhaps the charges have been lessened and Jeff might make a non-wrestling appearance at some point, perhaps TLC? Strange timing, Jeff Hardy DVD release/TLC pay per view around the corner which is ofcourse Jeff’s great thing etc etc. There is no such thing as dead and buried when it comes to the WWE LOL! There are more reserections out of WWE than a B-grade slasher movie series! And if Jeff aint going to jail then there is no reason why he cant show his face once in a while at WWE, afterall his fans and the WWE dont care about the drug issues and CM Punk and Jeff Hardy have a unforgettable wrestling history together that should always be celebrated.

  6. A dull show I thought, but I too thought it cool that Punk was the man to pump Jeff’s DVD. No-one hates Jeff,me included, Im glad wwe is giving him an income, he probably has some serious legal bills to pay. I hope it sells in bucketloads. Good work CM Punk. Wrestling-wise for this weeks Smackdown, there’s nothing to write about, besides im still high from the Punk/Cena match on RAW! And yes its a natural high! 🙂

  7. CmPunk is such a good guy, saving Festus from himself. 😉 If only Punk had have imparted some of his wrestling skills onto Festus as well it might have been more interesting.

  8. I want to see CM Punk come out with a reformed and humble Jeff Hardy telling the kids NOT to get caught up in drugs and alcohol but to use moderation if straightedge is too hardcore a choice! and have those two wrestling gods stand next to each other as moral allies and at peace with each other, like shake hands or something[in all seriousness!!!]. That would be cool. HAS THE WWE GOT THE BIG BALLS REQUIRED TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN? Now that would be an unbelievable episode of Smackdown and would go a long way to undoing the negatives and the dissapointment Jeff has brought to the WWE and the WWE Universe. Feel completely free to use my idea WWE, its a great idea and a sure-fire ratings winner!

  9. that is a great idea Metalicafan, people would go crazy in anticipation of Jeff Hardy and CmPunk being back together and at peace with each other and promo-ing a positive message. I would love to see that. Punk would come off looking respected for his stance and Jeff would be totally forgiven and still not have to go completely straightedge to achieve that forgiveness! Awesome idea.

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