Smackdown Results: Jackpot in Vegas


After losing to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, The Straight Edge “savior” challenged The Master of the 619 to a rematch, pledging to put his precious hair on the line for another opportunity to “save” The Ultimate Underdog.

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  1. no cm punk dont sacrafice your hair its torturing me to death but i see a angel that is telling me to not be afraid of what is going to happend so please dont do it

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! wow you ppl are such drama (: so what if he cuts his hair?? i mean he lost soooooo many times to the Underdog (not even Gallows could beat him) please you ppl…dnt be such drama haha (: he gonna cut his hair hahaha tht funny lmfao

  3. punk’s not loosing this time team hardyz

    u say he lost so many times to rey in my book and corret me if i’m wrong he lost only 2 times to rey.

    wrestlemania 26
    and one time on smackdown

    luke is not cm punk luke lost so many times to rey

  4. i agree with team hardyz so what if his hair is cut maybe it should be cut……hopefully he will shave hiss beard 2 sirsly ps i miss jeff so bad shawn 2

  5. If CM Punk cuts his beautiful,lushious hair,I will cry my eyes out.But out of the love that I have for him,I will learn to accept it.He should’ve made the ultimatum that if he lost,he would’ve sacrificed his hair on his chest and his beard.Not that beautiful,long hair.

  6. Michaela:
    thanx for agreein wit me (: and yea i miss Jeff alot but right now….i miss shawn more than anything ):

  7. if only he said…ill wax my chest hair…that would’ve been funny but not the hair…i will cry…oh god i hope he doesn’t lose his hair before i see him.

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