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For the second week in a row, The Second City Saint converted a member of the WWE Universe to the Straightedge Society, shaving his new recruit’s head as a symbol of his transformation from his “past transgressions” into a new way of life. In the process, Punk pledged that he would continue his Straightedge quest by winning the Royal Rumble Match as the first step toward the salvation of society.

CM Punk & Luke Gallows went on to triumph over three other tag teams, winning the right to face Unified Tag Team Champions D-Generation X for the titles. Though JTG went for the pin on The Straightedge Superstar, he hadn’t noticed that Punk’s “Detoxified Disciple” had tagged himself in. Gallows made short work of the unsuspecting Superstar, hitting him with the Gallows Pole for the monumental victory.

Fabiola   Jan 16, 2010