Smackdown Results: Monster mash


With Alberto Del Rio sitting in at the announce table, Captain Charisma took on CM Punk. At a pivotal moment, Del Rio grabbed both the microphone and Christian’s attention, opening the door for The Second City Saint to execute the GTS for the pin.

Afterward, Del Rio put his chair on top of Christian, reiterating that he would not face him at Night of Champions. When Big Show stormed to the ring, Del Rio looked ready to hit The World’s Largest Athlete with the chair. Although this gave Punk time to attack his Night of Champions opponent, Big Show quickly turned the tables, blasting Punk with a knockout punch.

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  1. THe match with cm punk and christian was a good match i liked it i thought it was awdsome but i did not like it when the big show had came in the ring and knocked out cm punk he had punched him in the face i thought that was unfair and wrong but i hope cm punk will get some revenge at night of champions tomorrow night but i now he will win .

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