Smackdown Results: Nine days until WrestleMania


After being tormented in front of his family last week, Rey Mysterio eagerly accepted CM Punk’s challenge for a WrestleMania match. However, The Master of the 619 wanted their differences to be settled in a Street Fight! Not willing to give in to Mysterio’s request so easily, Punk demanded that he beat Luke Gallows in a match on SmackDown – or their WrestleMania encounter would be a straight up match. Piling on the stipulations, CM Punk declared that if Rey touches him before WrestleMania, their match is off. And if The Ultimate Underdog loses at WrestleMania, he must take the Straight Edge pledge!

After stinging Luke Gallows with the 619, Rey Mysterio appeared to be on his way to victory – and a Street Fight with CM Punk. However, as Mysterio set up on the top ropes, Serena grabbed his feet, causing him to fall to the canvas. Gallows capitalized, covering Mysterio for the win. Frustrated with the outcome, Mysterio launched into an uncharacteristic vicious attack on Gallows outside of the ring. The loss means Mysterio will now face CM Punk in straight up match at WrestleMania.

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  1. Ha ha ghostfacedina & KC I dont give a shit what you think about me. You still talk about me on your twitters? What are you jealous? LOL

  2. And no I NEVER did send you guys any bogus messages on your twitters. I guess I have some friends out there.

  3. Man I don’t have a twitter Scottish but I was told they still talk crap about some of us and I had to speak up. I thought she was kind of cool but I guess I was wrong. Hey I’ll be off for a while. Take care luv

  4. ye they are, KC mentioned something about a snob, that’s coz i called ghost a snob, well i thought he/she was a bit patronising but its hard to show evidence of tone in something someone writes on the internet. But at least i said it directly to him/her. I certainly don’t send them direct messages or anything so its someone else that’s doing that. Oh well.

  5. Lets talk about Smackdown shall we, it was without doubt the best SES segment ever involving Rey Mysterio, in fact it was the ONLY thing on Smackdown this week. Last week was amazing, this week equally amazing if not more due to an excellent match. Luke Gallows is incredible, no denying that and CM Punk is just the very best on the mic in the wrestling world today, no-one comes close, it was a unexpected and exciting match to watch. Serena looks stunningly beautiful of late and seems to be carrying a slimmer frame which does her no harm at all, not that any of us gents were complaining before ofcourse 😉 Rey Mysterio is one of the true greats but he is already better in my mind for his involvement in SES and against CM Punk/Luke Gallows, I read last week Bill said that Luke and Rey had a great chemistry and it is true, they match up amazingly and its due to Luke’s speed and impecible timing. I am pleased that the incoming Wrestlemania match is looking to be big, and Im hoping for a shock result!, but I too hope that it continues to build before, what, we have one more Smackdown, lets hope WWE rocks the hell out of it.

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