Smackdown Results: No Fear


Unified Tag Team Champions DX vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows announced
CM Punk declared that he and Luke Gallows will defeat Unified Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Triple H next week on SmackDown, restoring dignity to the title. Punk also claimed he will become the first straightedge Superstar to win the Royal Rumble Match.

CM Punk welcomed a female member to the “Straightedge Society”
For the past two weeks, male members of the WWE Universe have been inducted into the “Straightedge Society” by CM Punk. But on this night, Serena, a female member of the WWE Universe, welcomed straightedge into her life and accepted CM Punk as her savior. The latest “Straightedge Society” induction ceremony culminated in CM Punk shaving off Serena’s entire beautiful head of hair!

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  1. PUNKNUT I MISSED YOU BUDDY!!! 😀 so happy to hear from you 😛
    Indeed smackdown was INCREDIBLE it was BRILLIANT! It is painful to think of anyone here missing smackdown this week its extreme. And yes there is no matt hardy.
    Oh golly i want to go and watch it agian..

  2. i really liked the punk vs HHH match, HHH won by dq, he didn’t pin him and he took ages trying to pin him. So in a way he kinda did put punk over. And punk only kissed serena on the cheek, the way spoilers made it sound like he actually gave her a kiss on the lips not a quick peck on the cheek. I liked the way he slipped out the ring like a snake.

  3. Hiya punknut, welcome back babes 😉
    Ok, I’m the odd one out here, I really did not enjoy SD at all, I thought there could have done so much more and hate the way DX come over to SD and take over with all that childish shit! Still disappointed and not excited by this feud like I was with Hardy.

  4. Hi punknut, god its great to see those words on the comment page, ‘Posted by Punknut’ 😉

    Whatever do you mean by “still alive” ?

  5. I was so bummed when you left man, hope your back for good, everyone did great without you tho LOL but I / we do love what you bring to the comments page. Me very happy metallicafan 🙂

    Bring on ur review man 🙂 Im dying to hear what you say about Serena and HHH especially.

  6. omg if I wanted to join punks lil society I woulda been eff u dude n who wants to live a borin straightedge lifestyle…ohh wait I think I’m askin the wrong ppl

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