Smackdown Results: No Fear


Unified Tag Team Champions DX vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows announced
CM Punk declared that he and Luke Gallows will defeat Unified Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and Triple H next week on SmackDown, restoring dignity to the title. Punk also claimed he will become the first straightedge Superstar to win the Royal Rumble Match.

CM Punk welcomed a female member to the “Straightedge Society”
For the past two weeks, male members of the WWE Universe have been inducted into the “Straightedge Society” by CM Punk. But on this night, Serena, a female member of the WWE Universe, welcomed straightedge into her life and accepted CM Punk as her savior. The latest “Straightedge Society” induction ceremony culminated in CM Punk shaving off Serena’s entire beautiful head of hair!

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  1. All I can say, is if that hornswoggle comes to this match with DX against Punk/Gallows, then Im turning off the box, Im not interested in seeing, yes I’ll say it too, the best wrestler in the world CM Punk in a circus with clowns and idiots and sales pitches and fireworks etc etc, its disgusting to see WWE squeeze a DX match inbetween the selling of merchandise and everything else they do around the actual wrestling. No wonder no-one remembers the matches DX has. They better come serious or else the people will beserk all over DX on the net.

  2. Well its reallly up to DX if they want to be taken seriously. Punk always comes fully locked and loaded, but if his opponents just think they can cruise through the matches with him they get a rude shock when the fans and critics discuss it later, ie Undertaker.

    Take John Cena, he is loved by the kids and respected by everyone as a good guy but he does have a credibiltiy problem when it comes to the critics and the more serious wrestling fans {Powerslam mag proves that, re prev comments page/Julie} and many of us were concerned when it was announced he would fight Punk, but Cena put in the work, followed Punk’s high standards and the match was unforgettable, one of the alltime great matches, perhaps Cena’s finest match, and here, famously there was not a single bad comment against John Cena, which should tell the WWE something about us Punk fans, we are hard but we are fair, so I say to DX who will be reading this Im sure, be prepared, this aint just another walk through funnies RAW match, it aint a joke, we take our wrestling seriously and put a lot of expectation onto our man CM Punk and he never lets us down, so we hope DX and the WWE will ensure that it is everything it can be, but through the wrestling not through the hype and all the other crap DX brings with them.

  3. I say the same thing to DX, if you coming over to Smackdown to battle CM Punk and your coming with all of the baggage and its just going to be a big joke, dont fucking come at all!

  4. Im hoping Shawn at least understands what this match is about. We have wanted this for ages, but with all the extracurricular stuff DX has going on@the present time, Im anxious it will damage the match. Powerslam mag has absolutely confirmed what perhaps WWE has been slow to realise, that CM Punk is the best of our generation,he slayed all before him in 09 and that deserves RESPECT. And I believe the kind of respect CM Punk prefers is the bringing of quality to the matches in terms of his opponents wrestling skills. This should be the biggest thing on DX’s 2010 fight calendar so one would hope it would be EVERYTHING to them.

    On another note, this week Smackdown, very weak show, except for the CM Punk,Gallows and Serena segment and the Divas and their twisted segment, lets hope Mickie gets her revenge, Michelle and Layla were funny tho, ssswwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt! 🙂

  5. The divas had a big break-thru segment this week, really the only part of smackdown to hold up against CmPunks raging conversion show lol 🙂 CM Punk is a star and Serena is so cute, im looking forward to seeing her viscious side too lol, Im sure she is a wolf in sheeps clothing, Punk would expect nothing less. 🙂

  6. Absolutely Robyn, I can really see Serena and Luke being completely hardcore in support of their savior CM Punk. Sister Serena and Brother Luke haha lol doing their destructive best together to help Punk defeat all opposition to their positive message, cant wait to see what Serena’s finishing move will be, its really cool for us girlies for Punk to have a chic in his team 🙂 YES! YES! YES!

    The other girls on smackdown were out there this week, wow, was a close second to Punk’s part of the show, forget everything else, these two events were the best. I feel so sorry for Mickie, but I so adore Michelle and Layla, for all the badgirls we’d secretly love to be. Beth was scary holding Mickie down like that. But really standout 🙂

  7. Im so happy about Punk getting a girl in his team 2, 🙂

    And I love the ‘sister serena’ tag and the ‘brother luke’ tags 2, very cool JaneDoe. 🙂

  8. I luv it too, hooray Punk has a girl in his team, wish it was me ! lol I hope Punk uses the sister serena thing Jane, at least for a while, it would add to the whole religious experience lol 😀

  9. DX best arrive serious as others have said (and minus the little man), otherwise they will have another forgettable year as they did in 2009. And if they win, it’d better be fuckin miraculous coz WWE’s credibility with fans is on the nose, especially after Powerslam publication enlightened for those blind and bought who missed (or chose not to see) what really occured within the WWE in 2009 – CM PUNK ! ! ! .

    I think we are all a little nervous about this match as well as possibly excited. But BRING IT ON!

  10. This big old trucker aint one to say I told you so about the Divas but me and punknut have being saying they were on the rise for a fair while now, especially punknut who was big on Mickie when others were dissing her return. Their segment rocked, only one thing would have made it better, instead of Mickie James, the girls should have held MATT HARDY down and humiliated him with fatty foods cause lets be honest, he’s the true lost fatty of SD who wont improve for any godamm cause. Im beginning to hate Matt Hardy and he is fast becoming the worst thing at SD. I sit on my flat ass in a truck sometimes 6 days a week and I still managed to lose 4 kilos over Xmas, what’s Matts VIP excuse?. I pray that rumored feud with Punk has permanently been cancelled, Punks star is way too bright to be lowered by Matt Hardy, it will be a mudslide if it went ahead Uuuaaahhh (anger!) Get ready, more anger coming, over McIntireMorrison, neither Punknut or me can get our heads around why the WWE has slotted Jericho into what was just becoming successful, now the MorrisonMcIntire fire has been virtually snuffed out. WHY? If Jericho has no-one to fight, obviously the issue, give him Matt Hardy and let Jericho beat the fat right off him! Jericho was awesome with Mysterio we all agree but he has damaged the McIntire Morison shit. So pissed about it. 🙁 McIntire deserved better. If Jericho slides into the Punk/Dx matches because of his past issues with Dx, there will be way more anger from me and from others here, he has had his time, its Punk’s turn now. Why do us fans worry so much about the geniuses at work within WWE?

    As for CM PUNK the kid is just godamm awesome 🙂

    One last thing before I haul my ass to the next truckstop, Punknut will try to post something next week for the DX match, apparently he LOL 😀 has organised the use of a ‘lady-friends’ computer in exchange for sexual favors LOL 😀 sorry, that was a bad joke!, oh hes gonna blood me when he reads this 😀 LOL Though it wouldnt surprise me if he did, his charm over-rides his ugliness says my wife LOL 😀 , he’d sacrifice all dignity for the wrestling LOL And at least Id get a minibreak from the long writes and have more time to listen to my anger management tapes LOL

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