Smackdown Results: Opportunity knocks


In one of the most perplexing moves in WWE in 2010, Batista chose not to tangle with CM Punk. Instead, The Animal just stood in the corner after the bell rang. Then after remaining there for a minute or so, he simply walked out of the ring. After failing to heed the ref’s 10-count, Batista was disqualified. The Animal offered no clue as to why he passed up a chance to compete at WWE Elimination Chamber.

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  1. Hi guys… i havent come on here for a couple of days.. i know.. i know but its schools fault..! so whats happening.. yeah cami helloo nobody is worried were all internet buddies here! … i think.. anyhoo.. Hi scottish i noticed the lack of your comments.. im glad your back .. i hope your all good.. hospital.. i hope your happy and well! 😀

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