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When “The Anti-Diva” Serena leaped up on the ring apron, she distracted MVP from executing the climatic Playmaker on Luke Gallows. Seconds later, Rey Mysterio jumped out of the crowd and attacked CM Punk, mimicking the attacks he has suffered from a mysterious hooded stranger in recent matches with The Second City Saint. This commotion allowed MVP to finish off Gallows with The Play of the Day.

After the match, an irate Punk called Mysterio out as a “coward.” The masked Superstar emerged to challenge him to a rematch at Over the Limit and the “savior” readily accepted. If Rey loses the showdown, he must take the Straight Edge pledge. If Punk loses, Rey Mysterio will personally shave his head.

Mysterio then offered to forgo the match and take the pledge immediately if Punk would shave his head right then and there. When Punk refused, a slight glimpse of doubt seemed apparent on the faces of Punk’s normally loyal disciples

Fabiola   May 9, 2010