Smackdown Results: Punked!


Bitter about losing the World Heavyweight Championship to The Undertaker, CM Punk was disgusted to not hear SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announce an automatic title rematch. It appeared, however, The Straightedge Superstar would get his wish when Mr. McMahon arrived. Not exactly.

After expressing some displeasure with Teddy Long that seemed to suggest his opinion that the GM is continuing to provoke the World Heavyweight Champ, the WWE Chairman told Punk he will have the opportunity to reclaim the gold at WWE Bragging Rights. But, “The Second City Saint” won’t be the only one to have a chance. Mr. McMahon introduced a Fatal-4-Way Match for the title that will require The Deadman to defend his championship against Punk, Rey Mysterio and Batista.

The night didn’t get any easier for Punk as he had to deal with The Animal in the main event. Despite outsmarting Batista to win by count-out, the former three-time World Heavyweight Champion couldn’t escape a bone-crushing Batista Bomb after the match had ended. Was this a sign of things to come for Punk? Or will he be the one celebrating with the title at WWE Bragging Rights?

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  1. good result, just wish WWE would stop making Punk do all that crawling under the ring crap,and let him do what he does best, ick the hell out of his opposition!

  2. Average episode, everyone looked tired, presumably after Hell in a Cell.

    …BUT with the exception of one match, the Main Event, Punk v Batista. Great matchup (thank God!!!)…fair result for both guys… I can live with that, for now!

    I know a lot of folks here are not Batista fans but I like the guy, he is not a quick mover but there is a sense of realness and a down to earth way about him which I appreciate. In Australia we’d say of a guy like Batista that he was ‘built like a brick shithouse’ – which is a big compliment to his physicality. And congrats to both Punk and to Batista (especially Punk) for allowing Batista to properly execute his ‘batista bomb’ move. Since Batista has been back on Smackdown none of his ‘batista bombs’ have been executed properly due mainly to the lack of skill in Batista’s opposition. My understanding is that the crotch of Batista’a opposition should NOT be in his face at elevation, but should be lifted higher. But alas our CM Punk makes all things possible and finally a fully-delivered ‘Batista Bomb’ (with dignity!) which this time looked AWESOME. Well done CM Punk!

    Agree with Julie, WWE why make Punk scape around for means to cheat?!, its so unesessary, seriously! He can win any match against anyone without resorting to that shit. Heels dont need to be so one-dimensional, c’mon WWE give the guy some credit! He’s doing more than you people see and recognize…

    And who did Mysterio fight, so forgettable and sloppy work!

    And oh fuck, somebody get Undertaker a motorised wheelchair cause it took like forever to get the prick to the ring. Between that, the scrolling words, the smoke, thunder, lightning etc etc etc and all the bullshit I was like “somebody fucking wrestle!”

    And thanks to the commentators, particularly JR for making some positive and long overdue comments on CM Punk and his skills… he is waaaaay ahead of all the other wrestlers in terms of EVERYTHING!

  3. Totally concur. Finally an authentic batista bomb and indeed it did look powerful. My heckles did go up when I saw CM Punk crawling underneath the ring looking for a chair or whatever, my thinking was “WHY wwe?” “What was the purpose of it?”

    Rey Mysterio battled Jericho punknut, you are right too in saying it was sloppy. Mis-timed, got lost toward the end, was not the best way for Rey to return to singles.

    I am too so over Mr Undertaker. Seeing him on my television screen is like seeing my first wife when she picks up my kids every second weekend!

    CM PUNK pulled Smackdown up to save it, when Undertaker seemingly appears to drown it.

  4. Im just relieved Punk has moved on from Taker, that was such a godamn mess. I thought the match was solid. Batistas best gig since he’s been back on sd. First time since bombing Orton on leaving raw that he looked effective. Where would smakdown be without cm punk? Great breakdown punknut

  5. The only time I wanna see that turkey Taker against Punk is when Punk gets his DESERVED world title back? Agree with the other guys, Batista’s first real showing and he owes it all to CM PUNK. Im happy with a technical win, though you guys realize that Punk hasnt had a realdeal win since Matt Hardy!

  6. yeeehaaaah for cm punk. Good match and punk was fantastic. but the match was too short. Felt like a long wait for something good, was worth it in the end but.

  7. Hi there Mel, phone me later. 🙂

    Punk looked good! A good victory even tho he got slammed after he won. Stil it was a good match and I enjoyed it

  8. Praise the Lord, we have a return to real wrestling! RESPECT to CM PUNK and BATISTA! Such a good feeling to just watch some quality wrestling again.

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