Smackdown Results: Rage before The Bash

Last week on SmackDown, John Morrison went toe-to-toe with former World Heavyweight Champion Edge, giving him a run for his money. Although The Friday Night delight came up short against The Ultimate Opportunist last week, on this night, he found a way to defeat the reigning champion. Perhaps feeling uncomfortable with his loss to the younger Superstar, Punk offered a congratulatory handshake to Morrison, only to crush him with a Go to Sleep. After the loss, Punk must put it behind him if he is to successfully defend his title against No. 1 contender Jeff Hardy at The Bash.

10 Comments on “Smackdown Results: Rage before The Bash”

  1. I have total faith that cm punk will be all ready for the bash! He seems to be a really strong man who can take some hits and still come out on top. Keep it up, punk! I’ll be rootin for ya:)

  2. R.I.P Michael Jackson i’ll always love you:)

    punk is the best,the old heel punk is back i loved the face expression when morrison :] ?? ???? rule!!!!

  3. R.I.P Michael Jackson =(. Love u!


    Damn, what a match! Punk and Morrison sure know how to entertain! I think that Punk will do an awsome job as heel, Vince likes him wich is good!

    I just wanna wish Jeff good luck at the bash, not Punk, never. Because luck is for losers 😉
    CM Punk will walk out on sunday, still WHC!

  4. Haha, he always looks hot. And not only that, he actully did a great job as ref, for example some special guest referees “count” very funny with their hand, Punk did it right. I was impressed =)

  5. Did anyone else LOVE the face Punk made at the camera when Vince was talking to him backstage? That was too cute and funny. 🙂

    The match with Morrison was fantastic! 🙂 I’d love to see these two wrestle a lot more.

  6. Does Any one agree with me that cm punk looked hottttt in that referee shirt

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