Smackdown Results: Rampage in Roanoke


Mysterio’s match with Punk, Jericho “evened the score” for his masked adversary’s earlier attack, slamming The Master of the 619 into the steel ring post. Though Mysterio answered his 10-count, the World Champion quickly finished him off with the GTS.

After the bell, an angry Jeff Hardy charged into the ring to dispute the decision. He was clearly still seething after being stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. But the confrontation only ended in a staredown, with Punk still walking off with the victory over Mysterio. At The Bash, things will finally come to a head when Punk and Hardy collide in a rematch.

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  1. Tonight during Smackdown, the eloquent Punk tries again to explain he was within his rights to use his Money in the Bank however he saw fit after being invited out to do so before Jeff Hardy and a packed arena. But, because of the popularity Jeff Hardy merits, Punk’s retort was to no avail. Since wrestling is for the most part, a skillfully planned out and theatrical battle of warriers, we should expect that the outcomes aren’t always what they should be. But, let me say one thing about CM Punk that I think needs to be said. If he wants to have the same notariety as Jeff Hardy or Rey Mistero, If he wants to wear that belt with pride and gain the respect he speaks of, he’d better start to be more hands on with the fans. Punk has no real schtict and I love that about him. So he needs to at least do like Jeff Hardy does when he enters an arena. Get in with the fans. Shake some hands. Stop with the indifferent bad boy personna. It’s not working for him. If he wants his just due, he’d better just ‘DO’ what he needs to do to keep that Heavyweight Belt he deserves because of his prowess and athletic abilities in that ring! Great job avoiding the 619 tonight PUNK. Can’t wait for you to ‘Bash’ Jeff Hardy right off his pedestal and TAKE YOUR PLACE! LOVE YOU PUNK…

  2. You have a point there, but unlike many WWE fans, I choose my favourite wrestler by their skills and performance in the ring and backstage. Punk has all that, he’s awsome on the mic and amazing in the ring. If Punk turns heel, I will still cheer for him! He will always be my number 1!

    Wrestlers like Edge and Orton, they get booed all the time, but I think that both of them are great wrestlers… But then again, the fans get caught up with the whole face and heel thing, maybe that’s just the way it’s supposed to be, yeah, that’s that.

    But let’s take The Rock for an example, the fans loved him face, and they loved him heel! That’s the way it should be! Miss the rock by the way!

    Good luck Punk at the bash! <3

  3. I agree with both of you i think the fans might want him to turn heel, but when he said that stuff about him saying “the brifecase doent have under it `Please dont cash in on jeff`” you know what i mean, i agreed on that 100% because he was right and the fan were still booing him, jeff even knew that, but he still cant face the fact cm punk is the champion.

    BTW did you see at the end of the confo cm punk had puppy dog eyes. awwww

  4. i wish punk did that move on me in the #3 pic.

    overall i think jeff is jealous,jealous because maybe: he never won a title in his first debut match after the draft,never became triple crown champion faster then anyone in wwe history,never won MITB multiple times and cashed in successfully, and know damn well punk is telling the truth everytime he say anything to him on SD! plus jeff in the main reason y the fans is booing cm punk wanna know y? simple because,he took a little situation this small and made

  5. if only i could describe the jealousey and hate that is within jeff hardy

    overall i hope punk kick his ass at the bash and make his life a living HELL!!!!! a soon as he turn heel

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