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Undertaker opened SmackDown with the chilling proclamation that World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk will feel the devastating grip of Hell’s Gate in their Submission Match at WWE Breaking Point (Match preview), before handing The Phenom both the title and his very soul. Punk then burst upon the scene, declaring that he only wants one thing this Sunday: To make The Deadman tap out for all the WWE Universe to see.

In the main event, “the only Straightedge Champion in WWE history” made a tremendous statement about his upcoming match with The Deadman, forcing Matt Hardy to tap out to his excruciating Anaconda Vise. Although Punk held the gold high above his head, darkness soon overcame his triumph. And when illumination was restored, Undertaker was standing at the top of the ramp, clutching Punk’s World Title in his mighty hands.

Fabiola   Sep 12, 2009