Smackdown Results: Ready, set, Spear!


Before the match, CM Punk encouraged Luke Gallows to get the win and earn some payback for Mysterio keeping Punk out of WrestleMania for interfering in his Money in the Bank Qualifying Match last week. Despite Punk’s words, Gallows failed his Straight Edge savior by getting pinned by Mysterio. After the bout, Punk tried to hit Mysterio with the Go to Sleep. But he too failed to get the better of The Master of the 619. Punk was seething at the outcome.

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  1. Hahahaha punk freak that was brilliant! High five! Woo..I thought it was hilarious when punk ran away from rey mysterio after calling him a coward . His singing was beautiful a little creepy but no it was lovely I thought punk Picking on rey through his family was funny .. But maybe I don’t like mysterio.. People that do don’t seem to think it was funny at all.. But then he hates punk and likes cena .. Lame! Perhap I wouldn’t think it was funny if it was done to say… Bret Hart.

  2. pUnK fReAk:
    fO’ sHo’ tHe S.e.S iS lAmE jUs liKe yEw sTrAiGhT eDgE sUxX n pOpPiN piLls iS wAtZ uP 😀 n YeW kNo WaT?? iDgAf wAt yEw tHinK aiGtE xD yEw cAn jUs fUcKiN sUcK iT biTcH

  3. Uhm……….. and how does that make you feel……..
    Well Is should have expected a weak come back from a hardy fan.

  4. Quite Likely punk freak.. God I hate lames who type like that! It really annoys me.. Lame! If jeff decided to join the ses team hardys would think the ses was brilliant and he would then like cm punk and the ses

  5. punk is evil though…that promo was just so mean. But it puts him over as a heel even more, if you have a wrestlemania match having that kinda build up is good. I’m sure rey told his kids..punk is really nice in real life ok. The wee girl’s a good actress.

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