Smackdown Results: Ready, set, Spear!


Before the match, CM Punk encouraged Luke Gallows to get the win and earn some payback for Mysterio keeping Punk out of WrestleMania for interfering in his Money in the Bank Qualifying Match last week. Despite Punk’s words, Gallows failed his Straight Edge savior by getting pinned by Mysterio. After the bout, Punk tried to hit Mysterio with the Go to Sleep. But he too failed to get the better of The Master of the 619. Punk was seething at the outcome.

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  1. Hahahahaha yea once again the 619 winssss!!!!!! Yea!!!!!! The straightedge society is once again humiliated!!!!!!!!!! Yea the bigger they are the harder they fall :)))))))))) straightedge suxx fo’ sho’

  2. Jordie…I wish taht too, we al wish that here.. and that includes team hardys too.

  3. Okay… so my last coment completely failed with typos… my bad.
    Okay so i know this is irrelevant but on friday ( its saturday) i went and bought David Bowies album the best of bowie and i ordered ziggy stardust – the motion picture – film. and i had to say that because i think its very exiting and i cant wait for ziggy stardust to get in.
    Cm Punk and Luke Gallows were in the ring together before lukes match against rey mysterio. Cm Punk was saying that he wanted luke to get revenge for his savior and smash rey mysterio for ruining his chance at the money in the bank match at wm 26. Luke gallows was pinned by mysterio right after his talk with punk about payback. Cm Punk tried to get his own payback on mysterio with the GTS but mysterio escaped from this. Devastated.
    To Julie – I tried.

  4. LOL@sophie…aww….;). Why not post the spoilers to keep some people happy? KIDDING…lmfao ;).I’m not gonna post whole reviews on here. Never have, never will do that.

  5. Funny how cm punk tried to gts Rey lol I laughed whn Rey kicked punk hahahahahaha lmfao big time 😀 it jus show how much the straightedge society suxx xD hahahahahahahhahahahhahaha can’t believe I’m still laughing hahahaha

  6. You know what I think is funny, that team hardys Is a regular around here now. He, I think it’s he.. Correct me if Im wrong hehe. I don’t like spoilers.. What’s the fun in that?

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