Smackdown Results: Rules are meant to be broken


With Money in the Bank just weeks away, Jack Swagger sent a strong message to World Champion Rey Mysterio by locking him in a lethal ankle lock and refusing to let go. Serena unveiled a dirty little secret, seemingly proving CM Punk did not attack The Undertaker. And with only two coveted spots remaining in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, all of SmackDown was out to make an impact.

After decimating CM Punk last week, Kane set his sights on Luke Gallows. Just like last week, Kane found himself tangling with more than just his opponent when a hooded member of The Straight Edge Society attacked him from behind, causing an immediate disqualification. Red with rage, Kane destroyed both the hooded S.E.S. member and Luke Gallows. CM Punk appeared to be next to suffer the same fate … until Serena revealed shocking news.

As she begged for Kane to release Punk from his clutches, she claimed to be able to prove Punk could not have been involved in the attack on The Undertaker. At first, Kane did not believe her and was poised to destroy Punk. That was until Serena proved her case in the form of a video broadcast on the arena screen.

The shocking video revealed Serena drinking in a bar – a behavior completely against living The Straight Edge lifestyle. The video closed with an irate Punk confronting her – apparently proving Punk was elsewhere on the night The Undertaker was attacked. After seeing the video, Kane released Punk from his grasp and exited the ring.

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  1. bit disappointed in the length of the match and the lack of Punk involvement, but interesting twist in the SES story with Serena

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