Smackdown Results: Seeing red


In their first one-on-one encounter ever, Big Show and CM Punk were eager to prove their mettle before they collide for the World Title at Fatal 4-Way. It didn’t take long to see that The World’s Largest Athlete was clearly the more dominate force. But when he attempted to rip the mask off CM Punk, Luke Gallows and the mysterious hooded S.E.S. stranger attacked him, resulting in an immediate disqualification win for Big Show. Punk and Serena followed up with a few cheap shots of their own. As the S.E.S. continued its assault on Big Show, Kane entered the arena to put an exclamation point on his night of carnage by chokeslamming the hooded stranger, Gallows and the 500-pound Big Show! Only Punk and Serena escaped his wrath.

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  1. i have one problem

    straight edge society is the strongest force in the planet..
    i know ..
    but cm punk loosing every times now..]

    im so sad about that

    im a great fan of punk

    my dear punk looses his hair

    when i got reymysterio i will kill that son of bitch

  2. First off i want to say that what the NXT rookies did to cm punk and luke gallows was wrong they are evil and they need to be,punished for what they did to the straight edge society savior cm punk cm punk did nothing wrong and they just decided to jump him i am so disgusted and angry about what they did but not only that what they did to jhon cena and luke gallows i think the rookies are possesed,dangerous they are a menace to society the nxt rookies should be thrown in jail! I hate those rookies i am glad that cm punk is ok and luke gallows so i will stand behind the straight edge society and support my boy cm punk,serena and luke gallows no one should never mess with the straight edge society there the best im a huge fan i love the straight edge society! I would continue to support you nomatter what the straight edge society is number one! Keep doing what your doing love u guys .

  3. to Vyshak Narayan
    it is not a real “problem” u knw … cuz even if punk lost once or twice that doesn’t mean anythin’ t’s just that every loss is followed by a success…
    btw his hair will grow faster than what he or u imagin trust me 🙂
    nd still S.E.S rules… nw and forever.

  4. I think that the person u should care bout is teddy cuz he gone get seriously hurt in dat match ima wwe champion me an mii friend shandice an we got all da wwe stuff u can name we kno all da superstars so all diz junk bout nxt an ses da goin down anywayz says:


  5. cm punk im adressing you, luke gallows, and serena. i seen at OVER THE LIMIT it was bad that rey mysterio shaved your head but im gonna tell you guys what i think about this.
    07/21/10 i went shopping with my dad and i see the last over the limit dvd so i bought it and i watched that one match and when rey hand-cuffed you to that rope i felt sorry for you, this is not your fault it is KANES fault he chokeslammed you and thats when rey had his chance. i know see i need the SES more than ever. a few years ago i never liked you but its differnt, i was 7 im 13 now and i need the SES. one question though. who is the masked guy that does the neck breaker?

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